Why Do You Need to Automate Your Salon Technology Now?

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Need to Automate Your Salon Technology Now

Tired of handling everything yourself like – recording clients’ appointments in a register or checking the inventory with a pen and paper?

To the maximum extent, it can be quite daunting for every salon owner!
So, what do you’ve to do in such circumstances?

There is no doubt to say that technology plays a strong hand in salon businesses and successfully leading them to a new advanced era. Over the last few years, salon technology brings everything into a single platform that can really control multiple activities and inputs. This technology helps both clients and their customers to understand each other in a better way, maintaining long-term relationships.

With the advent of such technology, every salon owner needs to Automate Your Salon Technology to manage salon processes conveniently. It includes appointment scheduling, handy customer services, inventory management, proper execution of marketing activities, customer management, track sales reporting and analytics, and many more. The feature won’t only stop here as there are a lot more available in salon software, which can totally change the way of gaining more leads.

The name of this technology is – Salon software!

Adapting software for your salon business won’t only save the valuable time of the managers but also leave them free to spend more time improving customer quality and keeping other staff motivated. With a minimum manual effort, it provides more effective and error-free results. Hence, scalable and fully-optimized salon software can make the life of business owners’ easier.

To Automate Your Salon Technology takes away the strain of every salon owner and presents a relaxed and secure platform to them.

Hence, let’s take a look at the following reasons to automate your salon management for growing your business.

Reasons to Automate Your Salon Technology

Let’s have a look at the following reasons.

#1. Exhaust With Pen and Paper Work

Maybe you’re an owner of a very small salon and still recording every bit of information regarding your customers, plus attendance of your employees with paper and pen?

Noting down everything manually on booking diaries or promoting your scheduling appointments through booking cards is a long process. Actually, it’s a sign that shows your business is still working ineffectively, which is further hurting your bottom line. So, what do you have to do?

Generally, scheduling appointments by pen and paper is counted as an outdated task. But as time flies, it comes up with some advanced technological tools – like salon software. The software has enough functionality that can determine – what is happening in your business? Where do you have to focus? What strategies you need to adopt and many others.

Paper-based appointment booking won’t only lose a lot of money every single day but you’re also limiting your available window for making appointments. Hence, your business will lose a lot of potential customers, and ultimately, profits.

However, a digital booking system makes appointments quick and easy. It can catch all details about future appointment slots with each employee. The systems also allow customers to book appointments online according to their preferred date.

#2. Turn your Social Media Visitors into Customers

In this digital era, more and more customers are accessing information through social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. So, having various active social media accounts of your salon will show proof of your brand and its presence in the market. But some of your visitors don’t find any way to book appointments with you directly.

However, adopting this advanced technology – salon software can almost handle more than half of the work. Once you sign-up with salon software like Salonist, it’ll automatically generate a link. When you add this link to your social media channels, it’ll enable your visitors to book appointments instantly after clicking on that link. So, this is one of the best reasons you need to Automate Your Salon Technology.

The process to Generate Online Booking Page Link in Salonist:

  • First, sign-up on Salonist.io website.
  • You’ll prompt with a Dashboard, where you can check Quick sales and Reports.
  • Go to the “Set-Up” option, which will appear on the side Menu.
  • Now, you can see a “Booking Setting” option.
  • After clicking on the “Booking Setting” button, a page will open with two options – “Online Booking” and “Booking Settings”.
  • Press on the “Online Booking” option and copy the link to add it on your social pages or website.

#3. Customers Expectations Reach to Top Level

Reaching your customers’ expectations means you’re turning them into loyal and regular customers. One of the viable options to drive your business at this point is – Loyalty Programs.

Many salon software like Salonist will automatically calculate the most loyal customers to your business, And then, it’ll recommend you to offer reward points and discounts to your customers on any treatment after a set number of visits. Such technological software is featured with Loyalty programs, VIPs preferential treatment options, or various special bonus points, which further allow your customers to stay in touch with your brand. Thia, helps you to increase the customer’s retention rate. Mentioning coupons and loyalty programs or other offers on the website, plus social media will capture more visitors to your business. A wider CRM and salon management system integrated with loyalty programs will present a clear picture – how you give preference to your customers and their visits.

#4. Need Full Information About Your Customers’

Manually managing and tracking the comprehensive information of every customer is a daunting process. However, salon software adds value to businesses by capturing more and more knowledge about customers. Knowing and understanding your customers’ needs means you’re building strong relationships with them.

The system will help owners to create a profile of their customers, to acquire more information about them, to determine which treatments are most preferable for them, and many more. A salon owner can easily check the details of every customer through this system and send essential details, including appointment reminders, discounts, etc.

Such simple and robust salon software will perfectly maintain your business by creating an active database where you can check who are your customers, how often they visit and how much money they spend with you.

Rather than scrolling through phone contacts or looking through your handwritten notes, get customers information in one place by tapping on their profile. Bam – you’re in!

#5. Maintain a Simple and Understandable Conversation With Customers

So, how can you keep a smooth communication with your customers? Of course, by following the simple conversation rules!

Maybe it’s your loyal customer’s Birthday, Or they’ve scheduled an appointment with you but forgot. Or want to tell them about your new offer or discount.

Handling all such assignments manually can be quite tough? But don’t worry, modest salon software can take over these responsibilities. It’ll send a regular email, SMS, and notifications to your customers automatically. Being able to automate messages and inform, wish, or tell them about your latest offers will establish fast and long-term SMS communication with customers.

Customers will appreciate the reminder option and can check that their other plans aren’t collapsing with it. In addition to this, the software can track what happened after that notification was sent – did they open? If yes, who showed interest in it? Who took the benefit of an offer? You’ll get answers to all these queries in this integrated Salon software. This will not save your time and money but also generate more leads.

Wouldn’t that be nice? So, tailor all needs of your customers and offer them what they need to build stronger relationships.

#6. Manage your Inventory

Nothing can be more terrible than running out of most-demanded products!

That’s why it’s essential to keep your salon stocked up with necessary products. But, how’ll you get to know that your product is getting out-of-stock? Or only limited items are left of particular products? Don’t worry!

Salon software can do it in the fingertips. It’ll accurately track every product in your salon and notify you from time to time. It’ll also adjust your inventory amounts, so you can re-order the new products conveniently. The system is fully-functional and checks the purchase order, re-order products, and creates insightful reports, where you can check the damaged, lost, expired, and sold products easily. Between running out-of-stock and mass updates, you can manage your salon inventory by maximizing products sales and simplifying the order process.

#7. Track Your Performance and Sales

No one can keep an eye on their business 24/7. But, salon management software can also do this, building a clear picture of every factor. The system will easily track and monitor all your sales, which further helps in generating sales reports. With salon technology, you can easily analyze the performance of your employees monthly or annually. Automate Your Salon Technology helps in defining your salon marketing strategies accordingly. Whether you want to receive reports on income, sales, customer feedback, leads, and appointments, salon software will do everything.

Wrapping Up!

Salon software – a great option to take your business to new heights. Now, you are aware of the various reasons for investing in salon software for your business. Then what are you waiting for? Sign-up with our Salonist and manage everything at your fingertips, from booking appointments to getting monthly insights or reports.

So, don’t let your customers miss out – Book our 14-days trial version to make your salon experience much more enjoyable. With us, you won’t only improve your business efficiency but also enhance your customer services and marketing efforts.

If you’re looking to move to the next level, give us a call on  +1 (201) 335 0087 or email us at support@salonist.io.

Thanks for your precious time!!

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