5 Ultimate Salon Marketing Automation Tips

POSTED BY Julia Ching


Therefore, Owning a Salon is not the end of your task!! It demands a lot of effort to maintain the growth and to uplift the sales. From booking appointments, sending confirmations, to offer discounts, ordering supplies to business marketing or Salon Marketing, there are several constraints.

These things do not let the business person concentrate on other important business aspects.

It is essential to market your Salon effectively to attract more customers. In every business, it is crucial to connect with the customers, understanding their likes, dislikes, needs, etc.

The traditional ways of marketing are undoubtedly competent, but, the digitization has change everyone’s perception. We all want quality service with less hassle. Therefore, it becomes imperative to focus more on modern marketing.

In a nutshell, using automation software that appeals more to the customers, is more effective and personalized and gives more reasons to attract the customers to use your products and services.

So, if you find it complex to handle your Salon work, then you should go with Automation software or Salon Management software. It is a management solution that helps the Salon business to manage their daily business operations. Find out the statistics of Salon software below:

  • 15.1% is the approximate annual growth rate until 2024.
  • $360 million is the estimated value in 2024.
  • It has somehow reduced the labor of staff.
  • 70% of the bookings are scheduled from mobile phones.

Therefore, we hope that the above statistics have made it clear that with this management solution, you can take your struggling business to a successful and dynamic business.

The aim of this article is to give you the five marketing ways that are remarkably helpful in automating your Salon. Check out below:

Salon Marketing Tips

#1. Coupons

Coupons are the best way to market your Salon. So, we all love to revisit the Salon that provides the discount coupon or vouchers. Studies say that customers who receive coupons are more happy and satisfied. Obviously, the happy client tends to re-schedule, spend more and will stay loyal to you for long.

Do not miss the chance to impress the customers. Use the Salon software and send the greetings with special coupons to loyal customers. Following this, you can also allow the customers to redeem the coupons, accordingly, you can get more financial benefits.

#2. Gift Cards

Market your Salon business with the gift cards to potential customers (one or multiple services). Moreover, the gift cards can be sent either by SMS or by email in the customized or pre-designed manner using the automation software. Let the customer pick the gifts for their near and dear ones. So, integrate this feature and improve your Salon’s bottom line.

#3. Email Marketing

Reduce no shows and improve your Salon marketing. So, use email marketing to boost customer engagement. Choose the targeted one by synchronizing the database and send them the notification about the new offers and services with the email campaigns.

You can send the daily schedule to your employees regarding the appointments and the changes if persists. Using Salonist all-in-one salon software, your customers can get the birthday, anniversary or any other occasional greetings, notification of the appointment scheduling, thank you emails, etc.  So, Use this email marketing and watch your Salon business thrive!

#4. Package

Enhance your Salon visibility and let your customers book the packages according to their needs at the time of booking. Although, salon packages enable you to sell a set or series of services and products in one handy package.

Additionally, the packages can be customized according to the customer’s requirements and purchasing history. It is the best practice to boost your salon sale and for making Salon the first choice for your customers.

#5. Membership Programs

Create membership programs, reward loyal customers and assure your Salon’s growth. Indeed, practising this will give your Salon more business opportunities. So, permit your customers to check their memberships on the booking page only.

With the software, you can manage the customer memberships centrally. This implies that you can share their data across all your centres and practice the requested service effortlessly. Therefore, it is recommended to amalgamate the membership packages and let members coming back to enjoy your exclusive offers.

Concluding Remarks

Though, there are other marketing automation tactics as well. But, to make your presence get noticed, the above mentioned are the effective and the appropriate one.

With sound and powerful marketing strategies, you can place your salon business where customers are looking.

Hopefully, you liked this article.

Is there any other marketing automation tip? If yes, then share it with us. Query and suggestions are welcome. We are here to help you!! Happy reading!!