5 Ways To Build Your Salon Brand Identity

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If you own a salon, developing your salon brand identity is crucial. A  brand is considered to be one of the most valuable and important assets for a business.

In this competitive business world, where every day new salons come with a new idea, in such a scenario having a distinct brand identity works great. It’s important to stand apart with a versatile brand identity. 

Without a strong brand identity, your business will cease to exist. The best part is, it differentiates your salon from your leading competitors.  

Branding is highly essential because people purchase on emotion. When it comes to salon marketing they look for an image, that’s why your distinct image is crucial to success. It’s important to promote your brand identity so you can connect with your target audience at a first glance.

Well, let’s move further to know more about how to build a strong salon identity.

Top tips to build a strong salon brand identity

#1. Create a strong visual style

The strong visual style is an integral component of salon brand identity. It leaves a long-lasting impact on customers. Customers can easily and quickly retain your brand logo, style, and color in their minds.


The logo is basically a symbol that gives a face and personality to any business. It is the first thing customers look for and retain in their minds that’s why it should be extremely distinct, creative, and easy to learn. 

Creating a logo might seem easy to many people but the fact is it is the hardest part. It requires a great amount of research and creativity. Your business is your lifelong asset so you can’t compromise with your logo.

That’s great if you are creative but if you are not don’t worry, there are plenty of sites out there to help you out.


Selecting the right font also plays a vital role. Serif fonts are quite formal and classical and appeal to an older demographic. Handwritten fonts or sans serif give a contemporary touch and appeal to a younger audience.

It is also observed that many salons use handwritten fonts, as it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the brand.

Colour schemes 

Be careful while choosing a color for your salon brand as every color has its own meaning and feel.

For example, the pink color is warmer, purple creates a sense of maturity. But both work well together to create a professional but fun environment.

All these three components play a significant role in building your salon brand identity.

#2. Build an emotional connection

Keeping an emotional element while building your salon brand is of major importance. People get attracted to brands holding an emotion, they love to know the story behind the success of your brand. This in return maximizes your brand visibility, profits, revenue, and much more.  

In our real-life also, we connect with others on an emotional level. The same proves to be beneficial in building a business as well.

#3. Define your brand’s mission and vision

Your brand mission and vision should be clear, concise, and effective to your prospects. While crafting a salon vision and mission, keep in note that the right message is being passed on to your prospects. 

Remember, both your vision and mission statements should be unique and authentic. It should influence your clients and motivate your employees as it plays an important role in your overall business growth. 

During the salon branding process, it is also important to specify your short-term and long-term goals. You should have a clear idea about where you want to see your dream salon in the next five years.

#4. Leverage social media channels 

Never miss the chance to develop your salon identity, grab every golden opportunity as ultimately it’s going to be helpful for you. These days social media platforms are the best to market your salon brand identity.

Use Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

Share your client’s haircuts, their thanking words, feedback to give insights to your prospective clients. You can also share your brand’s objective on social media to reach your customers thereby enhancing your salon brand identity. Through Social media, you can Convert your social traffic into bookings

Social media is the best way to talk about your brand with your potential customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most practiced and effective strategy many salon owners practices. Email marketing campaigns are easy ways to keep your brand in front of your clients. It is the best way to stay in touch with your clients as it makes your bond stronger with your clients.

#5. Local search results 

If you are ranking top in search engines, like Goggle, etc. that means you have created an image of your brand in the market. On the contrary, if not, that means you don’t exist in the eyes of your potential customers.

Keep in mind that the online presence of your salon brand is a must to reach people. These days, be it small or big business every business prefers online branding of their brand. Because the major proportion of people are engaged on social media in their daily lives.


If you really want to thrive in the beauty industry, you need to stand apart from your competitors. These days, opening a Salon is so common, countless salons are available in the market. So, you have to come with a versatile salon brand idea having some newness, an emotional connection, and appealing visualization.

Developing a salon brand identity is not a one-day mission, it takes consistent continuous efforts. It takes a lot of time and labor on the salon manager’s part.

Introduce all the above-mentioned tactics in your business to beautifully enhance your brand image in your prospect’s mind.

Well, you can also share the techniques that you practice to develop your brand visibility in the comment section below. We would love to hear the same from you.

Thank you for sharing your precious time!

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