How to Convert Your Social Traffic into Bookings With Salonist

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social traffic into bookings

To increase brand loyalty, and to make business more powerful, customer satisfaction has a major role to play. Even though, regular interaction with them reveals that you and your business cares about them. So regular interaction on social media also converts your social traffic into bookings.

As a businessperson, you must assure that you are building a positive image of customers’ minds. There are many channels that you could follow to maintain regular communication. But, as we can see, the increased usage of social media channels has blown everyone’s mind. Besides, the customers these days rely more on the company that posts on social media and are regularly replying to the queries and are posting unique content.

What we here meant is that if you have a well-established or start-up Salon, you have to stay on the top only. It implies that embracing the social media world too. Regardless, we cannot deny that social media is a powerful business tool for the almost business type, hence, using it appropriately can give you an advantage.

You cannot doubt the effectiveness of the marketing to engage and target the new potential customers as possible. And yes, you must want this to happen!!

The recent figures have revealed that social media users are now sparing approximately 2 hours 24 minutes every day. Even though, active social media users have crossed the mark of 3.8 billion. Undeniably, this figure is accelerating with more than 9% that is 321 million new users.

Important Related Statistics

There are 73% of marketers who consider their efforts via social media marketing with something “very effective” or “somewhat effective” for the business.

The global social penetration rate has reached 49% in 2020 with North America and East Asia with more penetration rate at 69% and 71% correspondingly. Likewise, the next in the list is Northern Europe with 67%.

Approximately, 60% of the world’s population is online. Unbelievably, the surveys have revealed that more than half of the world’s population uses social media in the middle of the year.

Certainly, as a businessperson, you must have a business website and Salon Software. Above all, there are many Salon Software in the market, the one that can make its appearance noticed is nothing but Salonist.

Salonist- Briefed

One of the best Salon Software in the beauty industry is Salonist- it holds the impeccable records in reaching the potential visitors and converting them into customers. Equally important, this solution could be used in several industries- Hair Salons, Massage & Spa Centers, Makeup Artist, Beauty Salons, Health Clinics, Barber Shops, Aesthetic Skin Clinic, Tattoo Artist, Pet Grooming are some of them.

Salonist offers many fundamental features, like, online booking, Point of Sale, inventory management, SMS and email marketing, Prepaid & Credit, Reward & loyalty points, customer management, employee management, marketing automation, Point of Sale, etc.

In addition, the Salonist allows the customers to book, schedule, or reschedule their Online Booking With Social Media buttons from the Salon website. After the confirmation of the booking, the Salonist sends reminders regarding appointments, pending payments, offers, discounts, and deals to the customers. Salonist has Instagram and Facebook as integrated social media accounts.

Here, our question is, Are you satisfied with the number of users visiting your social media pages? And you are waiting to convert the social media traffic to booking. The users are just even spending their time browsing your website. Besides, they are not doing what you want them to do. No potential or valuable step is taken and your booking page has more space; and this is very disheartening.

The social media traffic means nothing if it is not being converted into customer appointments. If you are facing the same, then, there is something that is blocking your way towards conversion. Figure out what went wrong, and proceed smartly, use Salonist and convert your social traffic into bookings!!

Let’s just find out how these integrated Facebook and Instagram social media handles are helpful for your Salon business to retrieve customers.

Use Salonist to Convert Your Social Traffic into Bookings

#1. Facebook

First of all, set up the booking button.

51% of the bookings are usually booked after the business hours and generally, from social media. What measures you are following for the visitors to book easily from the Facebook page?

We can make it easy for you!!

The easiest and simplest way the customers and future customers can schedule their bookings with you is by including the “Book Now!!” button. This button could get used at any time of the corresponding day.

Note: After getting the “Book Now” button on the web page, allow the customers to acknowledge it by being “LIVE” on Facebook. Assure that all have liked this page and you have got notified on the same.

Allow customers to book directly from the Facebook posts

If you are making basic posts, or are advertising with the regular content, assure to integrate the “BOOK NOW” button. Advertisements of services, the specialties, introduction of staff members, can be done. Let the customers know the newsfeed, recent posts, and book easily while scrolling down.

Messenger for booking

The customer can send you the message on Facebook to know about the booking timings, free slots, or all the related concerns. But, you cannot always be available and cannot reply on time. Of course, you do not want them to miss the appointments as well. Here, the best thing is that you can set up Automatic Messenger. This reply will direct customers to your online booking; an easy way to help customers start the booking process when they are not paying online and save you the trouble of an administrator who keeps monitoring messages.

#2. Instagram

Set up your Instagram business page and running

If your Salon website does not have an Instagram page, then create a one. We cannot deny that Instagram is a well-known social media page and attains high traffic. This social media handle helps you get a reputable business. Also, you can have insights about the followers, stories, and posts. In addition, you can integrate the information, such as location, phone number, and business hours, etc. Hence, it totally eradicates the needs of digging around the details.

Note: With Instagram, you can convert to the business account in the app account settings.

Include the Instagram booking button

Instagram is packed with exciting content, and there are unusual effects before and after the photos, such as your corporate photos. Nevertheless, the future customers will fall upon the wonderful content, so they can easily book with you using the Instagram booking button.

Note: Arrange a live stream on Instagram, let every customer know that they can now book from your Instagram page, and support them to share with followers!

Allow customers book from the Instagram ads

If you do not practice Instagram ads to expand your business, you should try it. The future customers might be using Instagram and they might stumble on one of the advertisements. These ads could be used for displaying the talents and you can connect the advertisements to the online appointment page on the website. These let you connect the advertisements to the online booking page on the website so they can undeviatingly click and book an appointment. Look for the booking link on Instagram by navigating to the Setup->Booking buttons. Select “Book Now Link” and copy the link shown below.

Concluding Remarks

Instagram and Facebook are outstanding tools for promoting engagement with the Salon business and allow your customers to book online.

Our intention behind this article is to make your brand noticed via social traffic into bookings. Now, you must know how to get potential customers and secure them for the future. Improve your social media presence now!!

If you have some doubts or suggestions, then let us know in the comment section below. We will be happy to help you out!!

Thanks for reading!!

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