Hair Color Ideas to Encourage Your Next Salon Appointment

POSTED BY Julia Ching


Are you tired of looking at the same old boring get-up you have had since your teenage years? A hair color change can refresh your look and amp up your life. If you choose Hair Color Ideas that give your hair dimension and character, you will instantly feel prettier and more confident.

But how do you choose the right hair dye technique or color to complement your personality? We bring you the hottest hair trends and hair color ideas out there to give you a transformative glow-up.

Hair Color Ideas to Encourage Your Next Salon Appointment

#1. Balayage

Don’t want to go for an extreme make-over? Balayage is the best option for you. For a soft, sun-kissed blonde glow, your hair colorist will surface dye your hair. You can choose, however many shades lighter you want to go. And yes, they look gorgeous with beachy waves.

#2. Pastel

More of a creative one, are you? If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, opt for pastel pinks, blues and purples to add some color to your life. Who said hair is meant to be just brown, blonde, or red? Paint your hair your favorite color and rebel against the standards. You can make different hairstyles for new year party or any other party, this color will make your look amazing.

#3. Highlights

Tired of flat, monotoned hair but not sure if you want to go all out? These soft, peek-a-boo highlights give more depth to your hair. The gradated browns and blondes shine in the sun, making it seem as if you have just returned from a beach vacay.

#4. Platinum blonde

Hear us out on this one. You have probably seen a few celebrities with this hip new look. You might think this is not for you, but we assure you, anyone can rock it. With the right haircut, your shiny, silvery hair will make a statement that can’t be ignored.

Don’t let a few old standards bound you. When it comes to hair, go all out, and choose whatever your heart desires. Make sure, this season your hair is the showstopper.

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