How Salonist help you to manage your Salon in lockdown

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manage your Salon in lockdown

COVID-19 has taken away our normal lives!! Now is the time for “new normal,” where everyone has to wear masks, gloves, maintain social distance, adhere to proper sanitization, etc.

Undoubtedly, it has given a jerk to the economy. Almost every sector is facing a downfall, and no one has any idea when all this will be back to normal. However, now the government is allowing some industries to open by following the appropriate guidelines.

Those who have a dynamic footfall find it hard to cope with the same, and the salon industry is one of them. The coronavirus has affected this industry to a great extent. To make it more clear to you, we have gathered some recent related statistics. Know-how beauty salons are making revenue in COVID-19:

  • It is estimated that the salon industry in the recent time period is 20% better, 11% the same, and 69% worse comparatively. The beauty retail business is also 21% better, 18% the same, and 61% worse.
  • 39% of the salons are using their resources to promote the online retail shop to their customers. 15% are selling the vouchers that could be used when the salon reopens. Whereas, 12% are carrying out the online consultations with the customers.

Nevertheless, if you comply with modern-day technology, then you must have heard about management software.

Nowadays, every other business leverages the software to streamline their daily operational tasks. Even at this crucial time, Salon Software is a great help. With the appropriate version of the salon software for your salon (of any size), you can get benefits in an efficient way for your salon during lockdown, regardless of the budget constraints.

Though the online market has several salon software programs, the one that never fails to impress its customers and holds the best ranking is Salonist.

Salonist Defined

Salonist is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which is designed particularly for Hair Salons, Massage & Spa Centers, Beauty Salons, Health Clinics, Barber Shops, Pet grooming, Aesthetic skin clinics, Tanning Salons, etc. This salon management software has a plethora of unique features and tools that meet every user’s requirements.

We cannot doubt the advanced technology that Salonist has used in an effective and productive manner. It is a feature-rich salon software that integrates inventory management, online booking, point of sale (POS), payroll management, employee management, customer management, multi-location access, rewards, and loyalty systems, and so on.

As an easy-to-use and light-weight salon scheduling software. The Salonist incorporates a user-friendly interface that makes it seamless for customers or visitors to understand the software and use it to the best of their ability.

All these elements make it easy for salon owners to control their salons during the COVID-19 crisis. And, give their potential services and assure them of regular interaction.

Here, in this article, we have revealed how Salonist is the best thing to choose for salon in lockdown situation.

How Salonist is the best option for Salons in COVID-19 outbreak

#1. Essential safety guidelines

First and foremost, if you are open then inform about this to your potential customers via email or SMS. Also, you can put a notice on your website wall and assure the customers that you are following all the guidelines to assure their safety.

Do share all hygiene, disinfecting, and increased cleaning protocols you are following. Allow them to know if you are supporting self-quarantine for those employees who have some symptoms. Or, if you are changing the opening or closing hours of your salon, then mention that as well.

Also, it is essential that you are following all social-distancing norms and sustaining the thermal check practices while entering the premises. Other than all the above, below are some more safety measures that, as a salon owner, you must abide by:

  • Disinfecting every touching area, such as handles, PCs, workstations, switchboards, chairs, tables, etc., on a regular basis with the best alcohol-based disinfectant.
  • Enhance the accessibility of hand sanitizer for  customers and staff members for the protection of the community in and outside the salons.
  • Train your staff members regarding every safety guideline they have to follow while entertaining the customers. Tell them to:
  • Clean the testers and brushes regularly
  • Consider spatulas for applying the products; do not use the fingers and avoid direct contact with the customers
  • Clean the chairs after giving services to the customers
  • Massage tables should be wiped down before and after providing the service.
  • Wear the mask and gloves every time.
  • Use the face shield if possible.

#2. Online Booking

Salonist has the best features that can work as a support system to your Salon in this pandemic. From Salonist, you can allow the customers to book the appointments online in advance 24X7. And can assure the customers that when you re-open, those who booked first will be entertained first.

It does matter that the customer can book at one time only, the Salon Software allows the customers to book anytime, from any handheld device, such as desktop, laptop, and smartphone.

The best thing about a Salonist is that the customer can check the convenient and free time slots. This does not let them wait for their turn and they get entertained on the given time period. It makes them satisfied and assures them you value them.

Besides, they can cancel, schedule, or reschedule the appointments. You can, therefore, fill that time slot with other customers, and this totally eradicates no-shows. It can be easily integrated into a website page and integrated into social media pages. Hence, it does not let the customers forget their appointment date and time and offers them unique login details to check every detail.

#3. Email and SMS Marketing

Without marketing, any business cannot sustain itself. So, it is a must. There is a need to follow the best marketing efforts so that you can develop and grow effectively. Salonist allows you to have email and SMS marketing, from which you can send notifications to customers regarding new offers, discounts, payments, daily deals, etc.

Salonist also includes local promotions, social media marketing, flyers, etc. With all these plans, you can secure potential customers quickly and easily. Also, let them know that you are open and are following all the related guidelines. Besides, ensuring their safety.

#4. Inventory Management

While in a lockdown situation, you can have full control of your inventory. As a salon business owner, it must be known to you that inventory is the critical element for your business accountability, which is performed virtually. With a Salonist, the Salon owners can check every resource that their staff members provide to the customers.

Also, it tracks the overall business flow and salon revenue for a particular month. It determines the total amount of waste and ensures that salon is running with appropriate products. Besides, you can find out if there is something wrong. Inventory review is a tedious, annoying, and time-consuming task. Salonist creates the report and hence, verifies the accountability of the Salon product and help your salon in lockdown.

Salon Software updates you with the product’s expiry date and what needs to be refilled. You can assure product availability and manage the Salon stock accordingly.

#5. Point of Sale (POS)

To assure your sellings services and products of salon in lockdown situation, the Salon owners can take advantage of Salonist Point of Sale. You can even now, continue your sales process by offering the products to the customers (in any way).

POS supports the Salon owners and sends the alerts when the stock reduces. Also, it allows the customers to pay according to the convenient payment gateways and secure their services for the future. Or can purchase the products conveniently.

While staying at home in this pandemic, the Salon owners can also track the receipts, inventory, appointments, invoicing, appointments, etc. with Salonist Software.

#6. Prepaid & Credit Payment Management

Salonist enables the beauty industry to sell services and beauty products of salon in lockdown. And, get the money easily credited in the bank accounts and wallets seamlessly.

Salonist empowers the Salon owners to manage every redemption easily in the pandemic situation. And, can handle easily the prepaid and postpaid payments and measures the tax liability without any hassles.

The Salonist bestows each customer’s received and pending payments and acknowledges them to pay them through the reliable payment gateways. Moreover, this management software presents comprehensive analytics and reports when it is about accounting and financing. Henceforth, you can control and track the payment margins and finances correspondingly.

#7. Customer Management

Customers are the reason that your Salon business survives. Making them satisfied is not only mandatory but also, assures your business pledge.

Now, in the time of Coronavirus, you can also make them involved in your business. Get in touch with them through SMS and email notifications. You can allow them to book the appointments in advance and assure that they will be served first when then lockdown opens. You can interact with them through many communication channels, also, you can organize the video conferencing as well. This also helps you to run your Salon in lockdown effectively.

If they are facing some skin-related issues then you can ask your professionals to solve them promptly. This will make them feel that you value them and they will, then definitely approach you when everything is back to normal.

Or, if you are open then notify them and assure them that they can visit you. Also, do not forget to mention that your Salon is following every single safety guideline.

#8. Analytics Service

It is essential to know where your Salon business stands right now. If you are seeing a loss then you must know-how this all should be handled. For that, you need error-free analytics and that you can get with a Salonist. This allows you to find out where the major improvements are needed.

And accordingly, you can draw an outline and implement the strategy. Though, you cannot expect the same results that you were in peacetime, but, it is better to have something than nothing.

#9. Feedback System

Feedback System has many benefits that cannot be overlooked, especially at this time. Generally, the feedback system is the best way to know what you are serving best and what you are not. The customer’s positive feedback enthuses you, besides the negative feedback reveals the loopholes where the improvement is needed. And, hence, you can strategize and act accordingly.

The feedback system also can help in other ways as well, the potential customers can show you how you can make your brand stand out in this pandemic. Customers’ opinions do matter- after all, it is all about them.

Particularly, the feedback gives an idea of the advertised products and services. As we already have mentioned above that the positive reviews hold the capacity to attract more customers, but, negative reviews show you the path of improvement. Keeping your marketing efforts and time intact, you can preserve many customers and assure the support of your salon during COVID-19.

#11. Multi-location Management

Now, the customers can book their appointment easily from the Salonist Salon software and get served from the nearby Salon. The best part of a Salonist is that those Salons who have multiple branches at different locations or cities acknowledge their customers to schedule their bookings at the preferred location.

The bookings can be done at the convenient time slots; that is when the Salon owners are there to serve you. This does not waste the customers time and assures 100% satisfaction rate. Do not let COVID-19 hamper your Salon business, and continue delivering the services to the best. With this, we can manage our Salon in lockdown.

Concluding Remarks

You must have heard the quote- Tough time never lasts, but tough people do!!

This quote is so true if implemented smartly in this pandemic time. This time shall pass surely, and those who are fighting to resist will survive. As a Salon owner, if you are playing well and getting much of this time then the proportion of the loss you have imagined could be very less.

We cannot deny the fact that the market of the Salon industry will bounce back soon as it is the basic necessity. But, do not hurt your Salon business and implement something useful and productive.

In this article, we have mentioned how Salonist as a Salon Software could be the best thing to manage salon in lockdown. Read thoroughly and implement the same!!

Hopefully, this article is beneficial for your Salon. If you hold some queries or suggestions then let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!

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