How Salonist Helped EVO Boutique Salon To Improve Client Experience?

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

EVO Boutique Salon

Evo Boutique Salon is the exclusive place for exceptional nail and beauty services. Located in Pretoria, Evo offers a luxurious atmosphere where clients may get relaxing treatments as per their needs. The salon sets itself apart through its commitment to delivering the best services & a main focus on customer satisfaction. 

“EVO aims not to meet, but to exceed, the expectations of every client. It does this by offering a wide range of services. Instance, nail extensions, waxing, manicures, pedicures, and callus treatments.’’

Elmien Scholtz, Founder

Despite their commitment to excellence, they faced challenges in managing appointments, customer data & targeted service offerings. That is when EVO saw the need to improve its operations and service. It had to keep up with its growing customer demands. So, they may achieve their aim to provide exceptional customer experience. 

At that time, Elmien Scholtz was stressed out about what to do and how he could improve their operations to improve client satisfaction. Then, he researched online. He came across a Salonist advertisement to improve salon tasks. Finally, then, he got to know about the Salonist an all-in-one salon management solution.  

Their Problem

EVO’s primary challenges included managing a growing customer base. Plus, inefficient booking systems, and a lack of personalized communication. This causes double bookings. It also leads to lower customer satisfaction and missed chances for personalized service.

Why Salonist?

Salonist stood out as the ideal solution for EVO Boutique Salon for several reasons. It promised to simplify scheduling, manage client records, &  provide insights into customer preferences. Salonist’s reputation for enhancing customer experience and its suite of features tailored for salons made it a perfect match for EVO’s needs.

How Salonist Boosted Customer Experience?

The following are the ways Salonist helps to improve salon customer experience

#1. Automated Booking 

Customers could book appointments online 24/7, which reduces double bookings and wait times.

#2. Personalized Communication

Automated booking confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups were personalized, enhancing the customer relationship.

#3. Client Management

The system records detailed client information. It is useful for running a marketing campaign or offering personalized services as per their choice.

#4. Feedback

The Salonist’s feedback tool helped EVO Boutique Salon better understand client needs and preferences. This enables continuous improvement.

After Effects of Salonist Integration

After integrating Salonist, EVO saw great improvements in how they run things and in making their customers happy. Booking became easier, and the personalized service helped bring back more customers. The staff also felt better equipped to offer the best service.


The results were the following:

  • Increase in booking appointments within the first few months.
  • Customer satisfaction increased with positive feedback on the ease of booking appointments and personalized service.
  • A noticeable reduction in no-shows and cancellations due to effective reminder alerts.
  • Enhanced decision-making through analytics and reporting features provided by Salonist.

Learning Points

The partnership between EVO and Salonist highlights important lessons for beauty industry businesses:

  • Using the right technology improves customer experience and makes operations more efficient.
  • Customizing services is essential for keeping customers happy and loyal.
  • Giving employees the tools they need helps them add more value to the business.
  • Being open to change and new technologies can drive growth and make customers happier.

Final Words

EVO Boutique Salon’s journey with Salonist shows the power of adopting the right tech tailored to specific business needs. It illustrates how tech can change a business. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth.