Ultimate Tips: How to Get More Tattoo Clients

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How to Get more tattoo clients

Tattooing is not by any means new!! It has emerged since ancient times.

By now, its craze is booming!!

From the market research from IBIS world, it is estimated that the tattoo industry has generated a revenue of $1.6 billion. From the last ten years, it is growing by 10% annually. The tattoo artists in the US are earning $49, 520 every year.

The above statistics are clearly representing that the tattoo industry is not going to end any time soon. Even though it will flourish!!

But, the other side of the coin says that its growth is making more and more shops to pop-up. However, it is eventual. But, it is increasing the competition.

Of course, you might be offering many design selections, using high-quality equipment and have the best and experienced artists. Here, our question to you is- do customers know about this? You must have the best tattoo shop on the planet, but what’s the fun if no one knows about this?

So, considering that it is easy to stand out in the market with more shops developing, is not going to give you profitable results. There are many Tattoo artists who have taken their work online to improve their business visibility, besides, it is not simpler to attract the right crowd and convert them into customers.

That is to say- all you need a productive and effective tattoo shop business plan. So, we are here in this article, breaking down the steps of securing more and Get More Tattoo Clients. To know it, keep on reading!!

Different Ways to Get More Tattoo Clients

#1. Make the environment more comfortable

As a business person, your aim is to provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere only when the customers walk-in to your shop. If they seem anxious as they walk through the front door, then, assuredly you are letting the best opportunities to go away simply.

Here, we do not mean that you need to give up your identity to Get More Tattoo Clients. But, you need an experience that is true for your business and you as an artist, while keeping in mind the comfort of your target customers.

Even, the level of details totally relies on you. You can spend your time on the colour of the walls, the music being played and the artwork displayed. There are infinite possibilities that you can adopt to capture more customers and improve revenue.

#2. Grow your tattoo brand

When your concern lies in improving the clientele, then, of course, it is necessary to adopt the advanced approaches, but, do not forget the basics. The other most important thing is to remain consistent.

You must understand how you want your tattoo shop to present to your potential customers. Take advantage of websites, social media and other means of communication to enhance your brand value. The efforts you will put in to present your work to the customers are essential to Get More Tattoo Clients.

Those who are opening their first shop must know the type of clients that want to attract and visit the shop. However, if you have artists of all niche, and the brand name is vague then, it cannot describe the right vibe and feel. The business name has to be sharp, fresh and easy to remember.

#3. Focus on the signature style

With a single signature style, definitely, you cannot stay ahead of the competitors, particularly, when it is about opening a new tattoo store. Your main requirement is the artists who emphasize more on the signature styles. To fill up all the Tattoo studio seats, you definitely need expert artists who know all their strengths and their weaknesses.

If they are the one from those who say “NO” to the potential customers because they do not know how to make the tattoo as per the customer’s requirements, then, do not recruit them. As in the end, what matters the most are the experts you hired to please the customers.

The customers must know that the artist they are choosing to have ink on their body is dedicated and has learned the best things. This is important because the customers are wholly and solely responsible for your success. If you are not giving them what they require then you are definitely are lacking behind. And you will not Get More Tattoo Clients for your tattoo studio.

Hence, know your niche and please as many customers at your tattoo shop and fill up the appointments. Here, it does not mean that it is going to be complicated when you open the shop, of course, it will be!! However, if you like to be custom only, then, you are letting the customers look at Pinterest to show their wants.

Indeed, opening a new business requires effort in the beginning, but the end results are really going to be exciting. So, keep on rolling and enjoy inking the customers.

#4. Make your portfolio representative

How do you think others recognize your work? Definitely from the portfolio. Being an artist, it is important to nail your portfolio.

Of course, you want your portfolio to be attractive and represent the current work (not several years back) either online or offline. In addition to that, spare time from your busy schedule on choosing the pictures that have taken a lot of time and sweat to become the piece of attraction.

There are some important factors that make a huge difference, like, the clarity, lighting and the angles, etc. Do not reflect yourself as a beginner by capturing the wrong way. You are an expert, then, act as an expert. Behaving shallow and unresponsive is nor providing you with more tattoo clients.

#5. Must have a solid marketing strategy

To improve your visibility among more customers, you must have a powerful and result-oriented marketing strategy. No one is going to find you by themselves until and unless you are not showing the efforts for the same. There are many means by which you can market your tattoo studio.

The first and foremost is leveraging social media. Every person in this globe spends a lot of time surfing social media, like, Facebook and Instagram (will discuss in detail below). You can use these handles to put new offerings or some recent work. This definitely will appeal to the visitors. What you can do is that you can link your website on the post you are posting on social media. While checking the post, they can click on the link and hence, they will be navigated to your website directly.

The other ways are sending emails and SMS to the potential customers about the new offers or some discounts you are currently providing. Everyone wants to experience the best things at less rate or with some new offers.

#6. Be more Social

The world is mobile now. We cannot estimate the time we check our phone in a day. You can use this to spread the word of mouth about your Tattoo shop to the potential customers. This not only is effective in giving exposure to your work and shop, besides, it also is the best way to create a long-lasting relationship with the customers.

Instagram is now a day, is gaining more limelight because of the way it represents the activities. It has become the place where most of the user’s posts engage. Hence, you can also use Instagram to invite followers to like, share and comment on the photo and the work. Post the “behind the scenes” videos to give them the idea of how the work actually happens there. Also, you can publish the best works on the events to make yourself more approachable.

Similar to Instagram, Facebook has also won many hearts. You can use it the same way as we have mentioned about Instagram. Both of these platforms are best to allow your customers (current and existing) to schedule their bookings with you. If you have moved from the manual way of working then, tell about this to the customers. The algorithms are changing frequently, hence, it is tough to decide who is seeing your post and who is not. Assure that you are notifying the customers of the appointment booking way each time.

#7. Start a business website

Do you have a business website? If not yet, then create the one soon!!

You must know that the website is an efficient way to capture customers of great volume. To generate credibility to the Tattoo studio, the website is a must. It also creates authority and trust with the customers. Below are the three things that the new customers look after while choosing for the best tattoo artists.

  • Request a friend for a referral
  • Google to know who is the best tattoo artist in their town
  • Google to find out what is the best tattoo shop in their city

Consider when they ask the friend for the tattoo shop and your brand name appears, then, it is surely the most beneficial thing. Many can google your shop then and if you do not have the web presence, then, it is hurtful. You are indeed, are losing credibility. Below we have mentioned the important points to be considered more:

  • An updated portfolio page for every artist at the shop with the bio.
  • The contact form to make more potential clients reach you if they have more queries.
  • The link to online scheduling OR an integrated online booking page.
  • Testimonials from existing customers (with photos) to create your credibility
  • Branding that suits your aesthetic
  • A URL that does not look like this: www.abc.com (purchase the branded URL)

#8. Move to online booking

Are you still following the manual ways (pen and paper) of handling the appointments? Or all the Instagram DMs, SMSs, and emails are mis-mashed? Those who are serious about their business and want to make more sales must make their move to the tattoo Booking Software.

It is the tattoo studio management software solution from where the customers can easily book their appointments, cancel or amend that as well. Allow your customers the choice to schedule their bookings with you via Facebook, Instagram, from the website, and the online booking page.

From the Software, you can eliminate all your stress of double booking, staff availability and no-shows. Give your customers the freedom to book as per their convenience anytime and from anywhere.

#9. Automate the reminder system

Despite the type of industry you are in, no-shows can occur at any point in time. Many a time, the customers can forget their bookings, and the worst part- they did not even inform. This makes the tattoo studio not only lose the opportunity to get profitable results, they also other customers who asked for the same time bookings. This strategy will definitely help you to get Get More Tattoo Clients.

As you are a business person, you have many bills to pay and keep the staff and customer satisfied, hence, it is better if you will keep the follow-ups. You definitely need a better way to inform the customers about the policies and provide them with the option to reschedule with you when needed.

After quitting working with the manual ways for online scheduling, you are starting the trend of text and email reminders for your customers. With the automatic reminder system from the Salon management Software, you are allowing the customers to schedule, reschedule or cancel the bookings.

Instead of following the customers, it is better to focus on the productive ways to achieve more tattoo customers at your Tattoo shop.

#10. Ask for feedback

We already have mentioned above that customers are the blood and vein of your tattoo studio. You need to engage them if you want to thrive in this competitive world. Have you ever asked your customers about how they like your services? What was the last time you thought about improving your services?

You have to understand that it is important to ask your customers to give feedback on the services taken. The reason lies in the fact that from this medium you can find out where the improvements are needed and where not.

Accordingly, you can work and change your ways of delivering the services. Obviously, the satisfied customer will shout out and even can tag you in the pictures on Instagram or Facebook. Hence, blow your customer’s minds with the best services and let them believe that you have the best tattoo artists in the town.

Concluding Remarks

The tattoo artists and shop owners need to do a lot of hard work and act smartly to remain in the beauty industry. These steps will help you to Get More Tattoo Clients easily.

Also, do not forget to stay updated on all the latest trends, any changes, techniques, equipment, etc. Know who is rising (the vendors, brands, or any artist).

Every industry changes constantly. So, it is desirable to know the new and productive ways to get more customers. Stay passionate!!

Let us know if you have different customer-attracting strategies in the comment section below. Your presence means a lot to get more tattoo clients!!

Do let us know if you have any query or suggestion. Thanks for reading!!