How to Grow your Salon with Gift Vouchers

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Gift Card

Gifts, thinking of it in itself bring a smile and bundle of happiness to people’s faces. And a marketing strategy like gift vouchers that offer happiness to someone and profits to someone, doesn’t it sound so interesting! It is something that performs multiple tasks togetherly. 

A gift voucher is a cost-effective way to promote and grow your Salon business in the market. It’s incredibly inexpensive advertising to enhance the awareness of your brand among customers. Merchants everywhere use gift cards to raise awareness of their brand to get in return more sales and productivity. It comes with plenty of benefits like brand visibility, customer retention, enhanced traffic, and much more. Simply, it’s much more than a gift card.

Supposedly, If you are running a salon you can offer gift cards to your loyal customers for their prolonged loyalty. This not only makes them feel special but enhances their retention as well. 

Following are some relevant statistics:

  • 7 out of every 10 gift-card redeemers spent more than the actual value of the card. ‘
  • 70% of people spent at least 20% more than the card’s value.
  • 55% of customers had to come back to the business to use up the whole amount on the card.

Well, let’s move further to know more about gift vouchers and their benefits.

How Gift Vouchers assist merchants?

Gift vouchers are not only a perfect way to attract new customers moreover it helps in retaining your existing customers also. It can be used as a tool to boost your revenue through current customers who purchase gift vouchers for their loved ones and turn them into loyal customers

What are the benefits of having gift cards in your Salon business?

#1. Helps increase the revenue

Gift cards boost sales twice a timeslot. Firstly, when they are bought and secondly when the receiver of the card makes a purchase. And, you know people with gift cards end up buying more than the value of the card. Thus, it not only generates sales and revenue but brings new customers as well.  Also, increase the salon profit rate.

More customers are equal to more shopping and more shopping is equal to more revenue.

#2. Drive more traffic

Gift vouchers offer one more benefit to your Salon i.e., they drive more traffic to you. Both the buyer and visitor are bound to pay a visit to your store. If any of the one who is not aware of your store they get aware of you plus if their experience goes good half of your work is done.

A happy customer automatically starts spreading good words for your brand among their friends and family. This helps you drive more customers. Your existing customers’ experience matters a lot. It acts as a true testimony for those with whom they share their experience. This gives them the courage to try your business based on their word of mouth. Thus, introducing gift cards is the best strategy to generate leads as well.

Also make sure to utilize the power of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to spread the word about gift cards. 

#3. Gift card develop brand awareness

You will be happy to know that this amazing strategy even promotes your brand as well. It promotes your brand and that too in a very cost-effective way. Doesn’t it sound good and beneficial? 

Whenever the gift card circulates the receiver gets informed of your brand. People start knowing and learning about your brand and its mission. And, when customers visit and experience your brand, your further marketing is all in your customer’s hands. 

Earlier, gift cards came in plastic wallet-size form, these days, it comes in the form of virtual gift cards for better convenience.

#4. Gift Cards Introduce you to new Customers

It helps in introducing your business to new customers and attract them to avail of your services who may not have otherwise stepped into your Salon. When a Gift voucher is provided in lieu of a discount or services then your brand automatically gets promoted. And customers visit your salon to redeem the voucher, where they are more likely to spend money also in availing some extra services.

By selling E-gift vouchers a youth can be easily attracted who spend their most time over the internet. Providing Gift cards through social media platforms is a way to promote your brand and introduce your Salon to new customers.

#5. Gift cards encourage loyalty and repeat visits

To constantly remain in the market, customer’s trust is a must to earn as it’s the only thing without which no business can survive. All businesses are making different ways to earn the customer’s trust in this competitive market because all know if a customer doesn’t trust your brand will not repeat his visit to your brand. Out of the other ways selling Gift cards is one of the most preferable ways which is being followed by almost all businesses. 

Providing a Gift card to your customer may make him visit again and the more customers will visit the more trust you can earn by giving good services. In seasons, customers more probably purchase gift cards to give a gift to their friends and families through which your revenue also increases.


Well, there are various effective ways that you can leverage to take your salon to the top level in the market. It’s only a matter that you need to be aware of the strategies that successful businesses adopt to stand out. Offering gift cards and vouchers are one among them. Honestly, it’s a super productive technique to grow your business. We have discussed all regarding gift vouchers in this write-up. Hopefully, you may get a lot to learn from this.

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