How to Promote Salon Gift Cards Easily?

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Promote Salon Gift Cards Easily

Now, earning more is not a business dream anymore!!

For the Salon and spa owners, many factors are responsible for generating revenue.

And, the gift cards are the one that assuredly is sales-oriented!! So, to encourage customer loyalty, build brand transparency, and improve customer retention rate, the gift cards provide amazing opportunities. It is estimated that:

  • Alone gift card industry has a $160 billion business.
  • More than 60% prefer gift cards over gifts.
  • There are 73% of adults who have received gift cards comparative to cards.
  • Although 90% of gift cards can be redeemed in 6 months of buying, a billion-dollar gift card has not been redeemed by those accepting gifts.
  • It has been the number one asked item on the wish list since 2007.

It is evident from the above statistics that the gift cards are definitely the way of achieving more sales and securing more customers. So, if you are a Salon owner, then, you must consider gift cards as the main element in your marketing strategies.

In this article, we are showing you can promote gift cards easily with Salonist. First of all, you, as a Salon owner, need to know how to set up the gift cards.

How to set up gift cards via Salonist?

While setting up the gift cards, it is essential to consider the customer’s desires and their way of using it. With a Salonist, you can ease it up.

The Salons can present the gift cards as the special treatment for their family or friends and on special occasions, like, weddings, birthdays or holidays, etc.

You can also organize a short-term promotion. Purchasing gift cards encourage customers to get bonus gift cards for their personal use. With Salonist, you have many appealing marketing templates from the communication suite. From here, you can have an idea of how you can promote gift cards and find out how they will appeal to the customers.

Below check out the easy and quick guide on gift card promotion with Salonist. Set it and forget it and get more customer volume at your Salon door and focus more on Salon’s daily operations.

Step 1 # Set up a particular discount amount in Salonist.

Step 2 # Navigate to the Marketing menu, choose “Gift cards,”

Step 3 # Generate gift card numbers manually from the “Add gift card” option. Or, you can generate the gift card number automatically.

Step 4 # Add a Gift card with a particular date with sender and receiver’s name.

Step 5 # Use Particular template from “Add template” button.

Why are gift cards important?

#1. More Sales

The most obvious and important reason the gift cards are essential is that they assure future sales. Without the cash refund option, gift card sales will lead to increased retail and service sales automatically. Hence, you can predict your business growth effectively.

#2. Extended Customer Spending

Most customers who redeem gift cards pay more as compared to the card’s value. Even if the customers who get gift cards take it as the “free money” or, they consider it as the small balance on the gift card. It is estimated that the spending of the gift cards customers is more than their balance on the card, which is, assuredly, an improvement to their Salon bottom line.

Additionally, gift cards are the best way of thanking and providing incentive to improve customer spending. The way you can make the most of it is by setting a fixed spend level to be more than the approximate customer’s invoice amount.

The customers have to then buy the product or add-on service to reach it. It opens the door for them to become obsessed with new services or add-ons, thereby improving their spending on scheduled appointments. With an addition to an instant increase in revenue, you can also offer customers the opportunity to spoil themselves with a gift card on their next visit to the Salon.

#3. Marketing

Who does not want to leverage the free salon marketing ideas? We all do!! So, why not to consider Salon gift cards for marketing. It is a free marketing element. It has your Salon’s logo and every single contact detail, therefore, it is a regular advertisement to your potential customers. Undoubtedly, it is adding value to your Salon brand and improves customer retention rate when the services are given as the gifts to your friends and family.

#4. Grow Brand Awareness

Usually, the main challenge the new Salons’ faces it to attract more customers so that they can have an opportunity to delight them and convert them into loyal ones. Mainly in the holiday season, there is more value of the gift cards to attract new customers. As the gift cards are regularly the most-liked item at the holiday wish list, so, it is the challenge to promote the gift cards to the best.

When targeting intended customers (or their important other customers), increase the Facebook posts to the ideal customer base according to the demographics, like, gender, age, etc. and interests. The next option is to make your partnership with another company that serves your target audience.

#5. Raise Engagement

When you start promoting gift cards, then, not only your regular customers but also the new ones can show their interest and share your Salon post to their network. In both ways, you can improve your brand visibility, engage your existing customer and retain the lost ones.

You can opt many ways to run the contest- choose the random customer who shared your Facebook posts, choose the random customer who visited your Salon this month, and those customers who give your Salon’s reference to your family or friends; also deserve some spa or makeover.

The gift cards provide the winners with the flexibility to choose how they want to use the prize by bringing a friend or by choosing specific services. You can also choose gift cards of less value as the secondary option.

#6. Create partnerships

Almost 80% of the Salon businesses consider gift cards as an employee incentive. Get in touch with those you know already, (start with existing customers, friends, family or business partnerships). Then, promote the gift cards as an outstanding present or reward.

If any of them shows interest in buying the gift cards in bulk, then, you can ask them for negotiation. The actual value of the gift cards cannot be used probably. Though, the more the services or products are used, the more you have the opportunities to attract new customers.

Different ways to sell more gift cards

#1. Advertising

It does not matter if you have a stand near the front desk or choose an online medium to sell gift cards, it needs to be visible to your customers. Make it easy for your customers to buy.

For instance; your front desk staff must ask the question to the customers- “are you interested in gift cards today?” while leaving the Salon. The gift cards must be available easily at the front desk. Additionally, your Salon must have the Salon Software to make the sales easy and quick.

#2. Provide gift cards rather

Several “think-outside-the-box” manners are there to improve the gift card volume and get the benefits of gift card spending. Like providing the potential customers with a free gift card of $10 with the purchase of $100 service is the best way to get rid of the temporary discounts and discontinued coupons in the business.

The other productive way to sell more gift cards is to provide them with returns or refunds, even if your original experience is not perfect, this allows you to get customers back

#3. Rent kiosks or booths

Several successful spas or salons rent out the booths or kiosks in local malls, or other gathering places with the potential customers, rather than waiting for them to walk in. In this way, you can face more and more different customers, where you can be proactive than being reactive.

#4. Be Philanthropic

Providing gift cards to the fundraiser or local charity is the best way to gain exposure and also allowing people to know that your business cares about your community.

By including gift cards as an important option, you will also have the opportunity to win repeat customers and build your regular customers.

Wrapping Up

Gift cards are always everyone’s favourite. So, why not to leverage them!!

Use the salon gift cards and provide an opportunity to increase sales and working capital of your Salon.

Hopefully, you understood what we meant to deliver to you!! Even then, there are some queries or suggestions then, let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!