Tips to Increase Client Retention and Foster Loyalty with Software

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client Retention

Certainly, the clients are the soul of every business!!

It is tough to make them stick around!!

When it is about the beauty industry, things become tougher. If the clients are not getting the best services at your Salon then, they move to some other Salon.

This is how you lose control of your potential customers. Hence, there is a need to get the solution that not only streamlines your Salon business but also assures you lock more and more customers.

In this digitized world, the Salon Softwares’ are in high demand. They hold the capacity to increase client Retention rate automatically.

So, if you have a desire to reach the new heights, then, you should get the best Salon Management Software.

With so much of the options out there, Salonist is the best solution you must choose for your Salon.

This Salon Software provides the best functionality that makes your one-time clients a regular customer. It helps to increase client Retention with better features and functionalities. It would be best if we will get to know the Salonist in detail.

Salonist Software

Salonist is a cloud-based Salon Software that assists the Salon businesses to manage their daily tasks. The main features Salonist include are; Point of Sale (POS), Appointment Management, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Prepaid and Credit, Location and Branch Management, item, and product management, analytics services, etc.

The main feature scheduling assists the customers in booking and to customise the appointments in the calendar. The staff management assists the Salon owners to control the employee details, such as employee schedules, employee training, employee attendance, etc.

The customer’s details assist the users to control the information with their contact details, client preferences, appointment history, future bookings, and many more. Salonist helps clients with reminders and alerts for the client anniversaries, birthdays, membership renewals, pending payments, etc.

Ways to increase client retention and keep them regular

#1. Rewards Programs

Several Salon carries out their service promotion to new customers with discounts. As this manner is efficient in acquiring new customers, it could make the existing customers being underestimated.

So, if you do not possess the customer or loyalty retention then, you should get the Salon Software now. The appropriate Salon management software can make using reward or loyalty programs a seamless task.

By providing reward programs to potential customers, you can hold them at your Salon in the long run. Rewards points could be in the form of additional services, such as hair spa, nail extensions, manicure, and pedicure, etc. This helps to increase client Retention.

2. Improve Salon Re-booking

The secured manner to have the repeat visit is to execute it when the customer is at the Spa or Salon. For instance; when you are completing the service, then, you can state something that can delight them.

The next option is to leverage rebooking on the front desk. Hence, when the customer is checking out, then the receptionist can provide a compelling statement.

In addition, when the holiday or event is approaching, then, use it in the rebooking scripts. You might state something the lines as:

“Hello [XYX] is approaching. Our appointments fill up quickly in that particular week, besides we have somehow availability. Are you willing to book us on [insert time and day]?

Even though, the chances that you can get 100% Yes are less. Besides, you might have a good amount of customers to commit to. But, it is better to wait. Consider the customer experience and know if it is beneficial to get in touch. The follow-up messages are tried and tested ways to enhance the rebooking and can be set up to send later automatically.

3. Do Not Forget The Pre-booking

The pre-booking is also in the list of the best ways to increase client Retention. From the Salonist, you can book many customers at one time (multiple bookings). This way you can assure the long term relationships with potential customers.

Leverage this tip in the lead up to the busy times. Tell them you book the appointments of Christmas in September and hence, they must book their appointments prior. By explaining to the customers that you are looking for them, acknowledge the pre-booking and therefore, improve the trust and customer retention rate.

4. Positive First Impression Is Essential

There is no denying the fact that the first impression does matter. It is the initial step in making a long-lasting relationship with the customer. Even if the first communication ends via the website, phone, face to face, or on social media, it has to be impressive. Otherwise, you end up breaking the relationship with them.

  • Prefer to improve these determinants when making contact for the first time. As you only have a single chance, so, it is better to give the best shot.
  • First and foremost, assure that salon software is visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • Check out if social media is up to date or not?
  • Receive and answer the phone calls with a friendly greeting.
  • Beautify the Salon as per the target niche.
  • Find out if the Salon and Salon staff are tidy and clean?
  • Welcome the customers in a genuine and friendly manner.

5. Make Your Salon Staff Content

The Salon staff and your customers play an important role to increase the productivity at your Salon. If you are keeping your Staff happy, then of course you end up having your clients happy.

Hence, it is very much essential to have a positive work culture in Salon. This gives rise to have a positive client experience. If you are experiencing any sort of conflict in your staff then, it is better to sort it out soon.

Assure that the Salon staff is experienced and skilled enough to increase client Retention. Also, do not forget to have an eye of staff daily activities from Salonist software. It helps you to keep only those staff members that are performing well when you are not present in the Salon.

6. Leverage The Loyalty Program

Nothing can assure loyalty than the Salonist’s loyalty program. Who does not like to have discounts or free gifts? Everyone!!

When the Salon customers have the loyalty programs that provide them the free services or discounts, then, they prefer to visit you again to unlock further free service or gifts. This is how you can make the customers invest in the business more. It has been said that loyalty programs are more likely to convert leads into customers.

It is tough to believe that Salonist loyalty programs work as per the emotions. Having services free gives your customer the fuzzy and warm feeling that in return builds a good feeling of your Salon. Now, you can have loyalty, which leads to better customer retention and hence, boosts the profits.

7. Provide Package Deals

By giving package deals, your Salon is ensuring repeat visitors from the customers. Not just the customers feel like they are having an excellent discount, besides, you are benefiting yourself the extra benefit of assuring the relationship on every visit.

Here, consistency plays a major role. By telling your customers how every visit is as important as the last, you can actually count on improving customer retention. You can also prefer to contemplate the package deals for the services and products.

Instructing the customers and supporting the take-home products which address their hair or skin problems could actually assist to improve the customer trust. Advise the products that work properly in conjunction with the services or treatments you are providing.

Use each opportunity to cross-sell or upsell, besides be attentive that the credentials are advantageous to the customers or they will resent you if they think they are trying to rip them off or over-selling. Creating trust is essential to boost Salon customer retention.

8. Interact With The Customer Regularly

To make the customer’s coming back to you, regular interaction with them is an easy way. This does not demand you to hold the Salon on the mind. Several ways are there to engage with the customers and assure that you are making them feel special. Below are the ways to maintain regular interaction:

  • Provide birthday messages holding the discount voucher.
  • Email clients with exclusive holiday packages and deals
  • Advise them to support you on social media.
  • Leverage social media competitions for free treatments.
  • Give an educational blog page on the website.
  • Engage with clients you haven’t noticed for a while with the offer and text while returning.
  • Post thank you messages after the appointments.
  • Express a conventional email newsletter or just email the blog posts.

Concluding Remarks

When all of the above-defined approaches are in place, you have to work out what is and what is not working to increase client Retention. To carry this out, you have to measure the results on time. Manage the monthly or quarterly period and check the number regularly to monitor the targeted goals.

Use Salonist to measure the client retention rate. This can be further broken down by computing every single staff member’s client retention. Do not forget to track the re-booking and pre-booking rates as these are vital to increase client Retention.

Hopefully, this article has given you the meaningful information. If in any case, you have some doubts, then, let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!

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