Salon Marketing Trends You Need To Know

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Salonist Marketing Trends

No matter whether you are a growing or established business, it is important to keep yourself updated with the trends associated with your business. Customers love to experience what is new in the market; after all, who doesn’t love newness and uniqueness? You can earn or lose both in the ongoing trend; why not try?

You need to agree on the fact that there are major chances of earning more customers, sales, revenue, etc. by adopting practices that are trending in the beauty industry. The prime reason is that whatever comes into the market gets spread quickly, and people manage time from their busy schedules to experience the same. Let’s take a very basic example: when new trendy attire comes on the market, every person wants to purchase it as soon as possible. So, be it new food, clothes, beauty products or services, or whatever, everyone chases them to be a part of the trend. Thus, you can now examine how keeping yourself updated with all the salon marketing trends can enable you to earn and grow. As per statistics, the salon market is set to grow to $87 billion by 2023.

Precisely, keep your eyes and ears open to walk along with all the latest running trends and not leave beside in the race. Integrate your beauty salon with all the latest tools, techniques, strategies, services, and products to grow. Below, we are going to mention all the latest salon trends that you need to know. Read them carefully!

The latest salon trends that are dominating the market 

#1. Make optimum use of social media

If you really want your salon business to reach every eye and ear, make an account on every social media platform without thinking much. Utilize all the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Twitter to widen your reach. Nowadays, just in a few minutes, social media takes things to the next level, provided you have to come up with something new, unique, and consistent. 

Share your product images and detailed descriptions regarding the same on your social media accounts to inform your targeted audience of your products and services. Do share your customer’s reviews, feedback, or thank-you letters to give insights to your future audience. This really works great, as it builds people’s trust in your brand.

#2. Video marketing

See, it is a fact that no one can deny that visual stuff attracts more than lengthy written content. Written content does not seem fascinating to everyone. It is a human tendency that visuals, videos, and movies always grab customer’s attention. If you have ever keenly observed a kid, you have seen that kids always get excited about videos instead of ordinary learning methods. So, be it for kids or adults, videos seem more interesting to people of all ages.

That’s why we are saying that including video marketing is a great strategy. Additionally, a plus point is that it’s one of the hottest salon marketing trends these days. Showcase your whole salon with high-quality video content. Make a video depicting all your products and their benefits. And yes, do showcase your services step by step to give your customers a complete idea of your outstanding services. Make fascinating video content and see your brand awareness grow!

#3. Blogging

Some trends come and go, but well-written, well-researched, relevant, and fascinating blog articles are always in style. Writing is an evergreen salon marketing trend; it never dies. A major proportion of people love reading and love to learn about things through reading. Moreover, if people have to take your services or products, they will surely research things from which they can gain the required amount of knowledge. Here, you can play with your writing skills. A blog or article is the best way to make your customers well-versed in your salon services and products. A well-researched blog comprehensively clarifies all the queries of the customers.

Moreover, writing is the best method to promote your business. As a salon business, you can explain your business vision, mission, and exceptional services to the audience. You can also cite the effective tools, techniques, and products you include in your services.

Simply put, blogging is the best way to raise awareness and resolve customer’s doubts regarding your salon business. Reach your customers via consistent blogging. Guest blogging has exploded for a few years, so why not get the word out about your salon through guest blogging?

#4. Offer the privilege of online booking for greater convenience to customers

Convenience is all that customers always wish for. Nobody expects to experience chaos and hassle. Especially in the case of grooming or pampering the body, customers desire all the comfort, ease, and peace. Online booking is one of the ways in which you can offer customers a convenient and stress-free journey. Visitors can seamlessly schedule their appointments anytime from anywhere. Online appointments reduce the necessity of standing in long, annoying lines. Customers are not required to go through long waiting periods, which is the prime cause of customers’ bad experiences. 

There are plenty of privileges customers can enjoy with online appointments. It’s one of the latest practices for delivering quality service. Include these latest salon trends to generate more sales, customers, growth, and visibility for your salon. Eliminate all the chaos in your salon with advanced salon trends and give value to customer’s convenience. Include all the convenient practices to make your customer’s journey joyful. 

#5. Introduce salon automation tool in your salon

Salon software is the latest and most effective trend these days. If, till today, you have not added a salon automation tool to your salon, honestly, you are skipping something very crucial. Salon software and apps possess so much potential that adding them will surely take you to another level. To reduce your business stress and workload, nothing could be greater than this.

You won’t imagine these innovations offer so many benefits that you don’t need to put more stress on your salons. Be it managing inventory, scheduling appointments, salon marketing, or anything else, it takes charge of everything and automates all of it simultaneously. 

Salon software automates every task and manages time for you so that you can achieve your primary task, i.e., making great customer engagements. Customer engagement is the foundation of every business. When you have customers, that means you have everything. Salon software enables you to achieve this seamlessly.

#6. Don’t hesitate to ask for reviews

Don’t underestimate the value of customer feedback; you have no idea how much power it holds. It can improve you, grow you, and let you know where you are lagging behind. 

Always ask for feedback; never be shy about asking for the same. For the sake of your business growth, you must ask for it. To lead a successful business, customers’ opinions do matter a lot. Customer reviews give a real-world insight into the new customers who want to reach you. These days, customers comprehensively research whatever products or services they wish to take. Most importantly, they read all the reviews to get real information. Here, you can feel the importance of customer feedback.

Always ask for feedback verbally, via SMS texts, or via ratings to know the quality of your services and products. Embrace this strategy to build a great business. While selecting the best salon, customers usually spend a lot of time reading reviews. Welcome reviews, no matter how bad or good; ultimately, they will benefit you. Positive reviews encourage, and negative reviews provide scope for improvement. 

#7. Create loyalty card

A loyalty program is simply a marketing strategy implemented to encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of a business. It’s a strategy that makes customer and business relations stronger.

The loyalty card is the latest trend many businesses are following. It is the best way to show customers how valuable they are. Also, when you offer referrals, nothing could be greater than this. Referrals do two things together: firstly, firstly make your existing customers feel glad, and secondly bring more new customers to your salon.

Loyalty programs include various strategies like offering gifts, discounts, add ons, etc. Do include this technique to go along with the trend and to make your salon customers happy.


I am sure, after having a read of this write-up you are clear how important it is to be aware of all the latest salon marketing trends. Now, you are well versed, how social media channels, salon software or apps, and much more play a vital role in growing your business more. 

Our simple concern is, always stay connected with all the salon market trends to make your customers more excited about your business. And, leverage the latest trends as much as you can because not every trend stays long-lasting. So, it’s the peak time where you can make more sales, money, customers, and growth as well.

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