Increase The Christmas and New Year Sale Within Your Salon!

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Christmas & New Year

The Christmas bells are ringing, and the time of snowfall has begun!
Yes, the Christmas and New Year sales are just around the corner.

These months are busy in the beauty industry, as everyone likes to get dressed up before going to a party or other event. That’s why December is the best time to attract more clients to your salon and keep your schedule full. That’s why we’re sharing some simple but effective Christmas marketing ideas for salons to help you attract more customers and increase your sales this holiday season. One proven way to attract more customers is to offer the best Christmas salon deals and New Year beauty vouchers.

Read more tips in detail to attract more customers to your salon and make more profit.

Ways to Boost Christmas and New Year Sales at Your Beauty Salon

The following are some tips and tricks to help boost your salon sales during the holiday season:

#1. Bring out the Christmas and New Year Vibes—Online and Offline

Add some sparkle to your beauty salon with Christmas decorations. Hang up fairy lights, set up a small Christmas tree, red and white balloons, and other festive decorations. You can also set the perfect mood by playing Christmas carols and songs. Another fun idea is to have a Christmas theme for you and your staff, such as dressing in red and white for a week or two. 

Additionally, it’s crucial to create a Christmas and New Year vibe on your business website and social media handles. You can add special promotions or themes to your website, post pictures of your salon decorated for the holidays, and use the best booking software to help customers book appointments online.

#2. Be the Santa on your Beauty Salon’s Social 

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts, especially during the holiday season? As a salon owner, you can be your customers’ and social media followers’ Santa this year by organizing social media contests and Christmas giveaways. This will attract more customers, boost your salon sucess and reach more customers. Here are some social media Christmas ideas that you can implement:

Christmas Wishlist

In this beauty contest, you can ask your followers to create a wishlist of your salon products and services Put it up in their stories, and tag your salon. The winner, chosen through a lucky draw, can get their wishlist for free! 

The Best Christmas Selfie

You can run a contest on your Instagram or Facebook page where your customers post their best festive-look pictures as a post or story and tag your salon. The lucky winner can get exclusive discounts on your services or receive a free add-on service!

#3. Offer Christmas-themed Gift Cards for Loyal Customers

The key to the success of a salon business is having a loyal clientele base—people who have been with you for years. Christmas and the New Year are the perfect times to show appreciation for the love and support they have given you and to maintain their loyalty.

You can do this in three ways:

  • Give them special Christmas and New Year gift boxes filled with love. Include small chocolates, favorite beauty retail products, discount coupons for their future visits, and anything else you like. Wrap them in Christmas or New Year-themed paper and include a personalized note thanking them for choosing your salon.
  • Use the referral program as an opportunity to gain more loyal customers with the help of your existing ones. Offer special discounts and promote salon gift cards on the next 5–6 visits when they refer you to a friend or bring someone along.

These gestures will make your loyal customers feel valued and push them to continue choosing your salon in the future.

#4. Collaborate with Influencers

Partnering with local influencers or beauty bloggers can be a great way to promote your holiday offerings and attract more customers. This can help you reach a wider audience, as customers tend to be attracted to things that are recommended by celebrities. Thus, this helps you generate more interest in your business.

#5. Inform Clients with Mass Messages

Every salon business wants success, and in order to achieve it, you need to integrate the scheduling software into your premises. This system helps you send mass messages to your clients regarding the salon’s offerings, services, or any changes. In this way, the salon can save time and effort and bring more customers to their business.

#6. Promote Your Services on Social Media

Utilize your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to showcase your salon’s festive services and exclusive glam holiday packages. This will attract new customers and retain existing ones during the Christmas and New Year’s seasons.

#7. Extend Occasional Opening Hours

It’s a good idea to have longer opening hours during the Christmas and New Year periods. This way, customers can also come at odd hours. This will attract more new customers and increase sales before the end of the year. It also helps to improve overall productivity and maximize Christmas profits in salon. Your staff will also earn more money if they work overtime.

How Salonist Helps Salon with Festive Cheer?

  • During festive seasons, salons often experience an increased demand for services. The salonist helps in organizing appointments.
  • Salonist assist in creating efficient staff schedules, taking into account increased footfall during festive periods.
  • Salonist allows salons to run targeted marketing campaigns and promotions for festive seasons. This can include special discounts, Christmas gift certificates, loyalty rewards, or holiday-themed packages to attract and retain clients.
  • A cloud-based Salonist assists in handling inventory, making sure that famous products are stocked, and preventing shortages at some stage in high times.
  • Salon management software enables the implementation of loyalty programs. Offering rewards throughout festive periods encourages repeat business and consumer loyalty.
  • Salonist facilitates the sale and tracking of gift cards or vouchers. This is an excellent way for clients to gift salon services during the holiday season.
  • Salon owners can use the software’s reporting tools to analyze performance during festive seasons.

The Winding Up

To conclude, the purpose of the salon’s Christmas and New Year’s Eve promotion ideas is not only to increase profits but also to achieve a successful outcome for the next year. We hope that these tips will help improve the salon’s business. Whether you are considering promoting your business or trying to fill your calendar with appointments, you can meet your expectations. These customized ideas will easily integrate with your in-salon promotions and help grow your business even during the busy holiday season.

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