Salonist App: Best Mobile App for Salon Business

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Mobile App for Salon Business

With the advent of technology, some potential things have become essential in our lives. And mobile apps are one of them.

It has changed the game at a prominent level. Over time, it has revolutionized the world. Calling it a device would be wrong- it is a mentality now.

Almost a decade has passed since Google and Apple invented the app stores. Since 2008, the over-all mobile industry has been twirling around mobile apps. Its increasing popularity has made us perform our daily tasks on smartphones instead of desktops. For instance, we use these apps on our tablets or phones to communicate, read, shop, play, booking tickets, listening to music, booking appointments, etc. So, knowing how widely it has created its mesh is not possible.

These aspects are making it clear that the businesses nowadays, have to integrate the mobile apps to generate more client volume. Obviously, some questions got stuck in your mind to know how it could be beneficial. Check out below to clear the clutter:

  • How is the mobile business driving growth?
  • How does mobile application work?
  • Which mobile app is best for your business?
  • What if, it does not work well?

There are many other relatable questions that are apparent. But, at the same time, it is also important to understand that these apps have made everything possible that was unimaginable before.

Some Astonishing Statistics

To make it more convinced to you about mobile growth, we have gathered some of the recent statistics with the original sources.

  • The market size of mobile apps will cross $189B by 2020.
  • It is expected that the clients can download the 258.2B mobile applications till 2022.
  • It is examined that the apps have more engagement rates as compared to desktop web viewing or mobile-optimized websites. 100 to 300 % of the conversion rate has been noticed.

Let’s get straight to the point: Who does not want to get more client footfall, more appointments, and higher revenue?? We all want. Right??

Checking out the recent figures that say that women spend around $3,756 in a year to enhance their look and appearance by visiting the Salons or by using the products. However, what else is required to know that the Salon industry has become one of the crucial industries? It is enough!!

Hence, keeping all the points in mind, Salonist launched a Salon app to improve the intimacy of the Salon, clients, and service providers. Using technology to make the link stronger between the three is all we want.

What is the Salonist App?

The Salonist app is meant to relieve the burden of the Salon owners from performing their daily operations on the desktop. Our app encompasses all the features that you need to book, check out, and add the clients. It does not matter if you are in town or not; you can access it easily with the best internet connection.

Save the client details, their service and purchasing history, consultation forms, notes, etc. all at one place and access them all easily from our app. It is created by keeping all the compatibility issues. Salonist apps can be operated seamlessly on iPhone, iPad, tablets and android smartphones and manage your business easily and quickly.

Even if it is about the new booking details, the inventory issue, client details, staff performance, sales, analytics, and many more, we have covered you comprehensively. Salonist App is a robust mobile-app for all beauty businesses. Barbershops, Nail Salons, Hair Salons, Spa, Bridal Salons, Massage Therapy, Medical Spa Software, and Aesthetic Skin clinics are some of them.

You can experience all its benefits and make your life convenient from day one! Book the clients with just a tap-as simple as that!!

Benefits of Mobile App for Salon Business?

Let’s check out the features of the Salon app that are of great help to improve your Salon sales and to attain the best ROI.

#1. Appointment Reminders

Salonist app allows you to send the appointment reminders conveniently to the clients. Also, your Salon staff gets reminders about their pending and future appointments. Using this proactive approach, you can get those clients back who visit other Salons to get the services Or, those who usually wait for their turn to get entertained. This gives rise to growth on the yearly revenue per client.

#2. Special Offers

Our Salon app enables the Salon owners to get more footfall with special offers, discounts, events, deals, and promotions. It uses the notifications or alerts to notify the same on their devices home screen. So, when there is any downfall in your Salon business, you can opt for it and generate the profits in less time proactively and easily.

The best part is that sending custom messages to ‘N’ devices is also probable even at one time. Notifying for any cost-cutting or update or addition in the services is also enabled with the Salonist app.

#3. Loyalty Programs

Who does not like to get pampered? Everyone, indeed!! Time to time rewards to the Salon owners is the best practice to engage more. Keeping this statement intact, the Salonist app has integrated the loyalty programs in it. Winning the clients’ hearts is not an easy job nowadays because their expectations are changing every day.

Here, Loyalty programs can do wonders for you. It builds the strongest bond among you and your clients. These can be categorized according to the type you have put them in- either gold, silver or bronze. Hence, you can set the loyalty programs or reward points for them accordingly.

The Salon owners can send offers or coupons on clients’ birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and on weekends. Practicing this, you can show some loyalty towards them and bring in more clients.

#4. Referrals

With the Salonist app, you can get referrals easily and quickly. Ask your clients to post the reviews or their experiences on your app or on their social media page, like, Facebook or Instagram, etc. As per the recent statistics, 3.725 billion approximately users got active on social media, and they spent 140 minutes daily on them.

However, taking advantage of the perspectives that can give your business is always worth it. From our Referral feature, getting new clients is a smooth task. Just a click- that’s it!! While sharing positive experiences, your existing clients can work as the base to gain new clients. Get more organic traffic and expand your network.

#5. Product Sales

Mobile App for Salon Business authorizes the Salon owners to sell the beauty products effortlessly. The clients can check out the products, make their choice, submit the orders, and can make the payments securely. It is the best practice to gain revenue.

Here, our advice is to amalgamate only those products that you trust. It is important to gain the clients’ trust first, and then surely, the sales will happen. While recommending any product, address it with the clients as an investment in their skin or hair according to the product.

#6. Instant Payments

Salonist app permits the clients to pay instantly from several payment gateways after or before taking the services. It eradicates the approach of heading to the counter to make the payments once they have finished.

Our Mobile App for Salon Business creates an invoice for the clients so that they can make the payments comfortably. This approach of cashless payments is hassle-free and relieving at the same time.

Also, the customization of payment methods is possible as per clients’ requirements. It makes convenient for them to pay accordingly.

#7. Online Booking

Now, the clients can schedule, reschedule, or cancel their appointments from the Salonist app according to their schedule. This accessibility can be done from anywhere and at any time. It implies that if, in any case, the clients want to book with you on the go, all they have to open your app and secure their booking from their smartphone.

Our mobile app signifies only the free slots- that is the time when the staff is available to give you the services. It increases the offers visibility so that the clients can book the appropriate packages at the time of booking.

#8. Client Management

It is vital for your business to connect with clients. Our Salon app has made it easy for the Salon owners to maintain every single detail of clients easily in just a click. Authorize the clients to check their booking, payment information (paid and pending), membership history, purchasing history, the services taken conveniently from the mobile app.

We have integrated the SOAP note to the client profile so that adding images to the notes intended for the reference becomes easy. Also, getting a new SOAP note or modifying the existing note is also probable. The notes could be considered anytime for the reference, and it should be updated frequently by the staff.

#9. Multi-Location Access

Whether it is in any area of beauty, and in one or many locations, our mobile solution keeps the visibility intact in every single aspect of your Salon business. The clients can schedule their booking with you from any location easily and experience their services.

Daily operations, such as running payroll, tracking commissions and managing software settings are possible with all-in-one Mobile App for Salon Business.

Handling and accessing all Salon branches is also probable from one place in just a click. It, therefore, improves your Salon efficiency, productivity, and increases sales.

Over To You

The aim of this article is to make you aware of how our Salonist app could be beneficial for your salon business. It absolutely does not matter if you have a small or large Salon business; our Mobile App for Salon Business holds the tendency to fit appropriately into any business size. It is the solid solution that your clients will love.

To make your Salon presence noticed, it is important to follow what is trending. And, the mobile app trend is not going to fade away anytime soon.

Do not let your rivals stay ahead of you. Integrate our Salonist app in your business strategies and experience the difference today. For more download Salonist app from play store now!

Let us know how you find this information. Do share your reviews with us.

Thanks for reading!!