Best 4 Business Management Apps

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Business Management Apps

Nowadays, the game of IT professionals and businesses has changed dramatically. Because of technological advancements, things cannot end at securing more points but on bringing in more significant and outlasting profits.

And, of course, the increased workloads require a technological solution that can make the daily jobs more manageable and efficient.

The question here is how some of the businesses are winning this game?

How are they thriving throughout their tenure?

Knowing that mobile is everywhere, the businesses are distributed and favors to perform the tasks on mobile devices only. Hence, a noted mobile presence is vital to stop the hiccups in the profits.

“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.”

– Paul Hawken

The quote above is clearly depicting how vital the management is for us and for the businesses.

Importance of Business Management Apps

It has been researched that for the agile working system, the business management apps are the best. Surely, these apps are changing the face of how things were handled previously. Because of their powerful and prevalent nature, businesses are able to run their business operations efficiently. It operates the fundamental projects concurrently and makes you remain top of the game. Accordingly, they authorize your team to share ideas, collaborate, manage workloads, to know who is doing which project, and examining the status of every project.

As the business owner, the more you streamline and automate your daily tasks, the more productive and efficient your business will become.

The next thing here arrives- finding the accurate business app!!

It should be an endless mission. An app that can give your business immense benefits should be preferable. Because, there are many that are the only constraint for time management, and some are only active to fulfill particular tasks, such as, invoices.

Most of the organizations use these aspects for their fundamental needs. Most of all, collaboration, time management, scheduling, tools for reminders, connecting with distributed teams are more critical.

Besides, those business management apps are preferable that sounds modern workforce. So, here, our aim is to give you the four essential business management apps that can be used for every business size.

And, Every app offers a free trial for some period. You can opt for the premium version as per the increased business demands. Undoubtedly, these apps are known for providing the exact value for money.

Before jumping directly to the topic, it is essential to get the recent landscape regarding mobile business apps.

Some Remarkable Statistics

  • It is estimated that till 2022, the mobile apps downloads will be 258 billion. This figure shows an increase in the last figure of 2017 that has 178 billion downloads. (Source)
  • There will be an improvement in the growth rate of customer spending. Estimation is 92%, that is, $157 billion worldwide till 2022. (Source)
  • Revenue of $582 billion US dollars is assured by 2022 in the global industry. These analyses are by means of in-app advertising and paid downloads. (Source)
  • Shockingly, 2021 will experience almost 7 billion mobile users all around. (Source)
  • Those who abandon the business app if it is not worthy are 29%. (Source)
  • Similarly, there are 70% who leave an app because it is longer to load than the usual time. (Source)
  • There are 65% who say that bad mobile experience affects their brand value. (Source)

After knowing these astonishing statistics, it becomes important to know how business management apps are changing the whole scenario. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!!

Leading Business Management Apps

#1. Salonist

Salonist App

It is the cloud-based salon booking app designed explicitly for Salons, spas, barbershops, aesthetic clinics, media spas, etc. Salonist app is fully-featured and has the ability to fulfill your business demands. In other words, this App has an easily accessible and user-friendly interface that makes it seamless to use every feature to its best. Hence, it simplifies every task for the Salon owners so that they improve their productivity to some extent.

#1.1 Appointment Management

From the Salonist integrated calendar screen, the schedules of all service providers can be checked easily. It also limits the search if you want to. Like, if you are searching for the best spas in your city, then it will narrow down the list to you. However, the best thing is that it blocks the time slots when the staff is busy. It let the customer schedule their bookings on the availability of the staff only to assure no-shows. Also, it synchronizes the calendar with the Apple, Google Calendar and Outlook and let the customers schedule, reschedule, or cancel the bookings with you.

#1.2 Marketing Automation

Use the Salonist app and attract more customers by providing them offers, discounts from the daily deals. This app incorporates text and email marketing so that it becomes easy to notify the staff and customers whenever required. You can wish them on their birthdays or anniversaries, and inform them of pending upcoming payments appointments. From the comprehensive report, examining marketing efforts is easy. Above all, it helps you to improve the marketing strategies for the future.

#1.3 Employee Management

Check out the employee’s performance and details from the Salonist. You can manage all of your employees for effective business operations and command them to handle the appointments with the customers. Similarly, Salonist promotes business automation to eliminate manual labor. You can also calculate their incentives according to their performance and encourage them.

#1.4 Inventory Management

Find out the exact figure of your inventory from the reports. From the automatic detection of the leftovers and used products, you can continue selling accordingly. With this management app, you can send the text or the email the purchase orders to the business person and the invoices. Making a note whenever the order arrives, and the products will be imported to the inventory automatically.

#1.5 Point of Sale (POS)

Sell the most purchased products of your Salon with the Salonist POS system and increase the customer satisfaction rate. Now, you can improve your Salon visibility by promoting the salon gift cards, packages, memberships, services, online from anywhere and anytime. It makes it easy to save money in bank accounts. Therefore, there is no need to use credit card time and again. Let the customers pay as per the convenient payment gateways and assures error-free transactions.

#2. SmartReviews

SmartReviews App

Shrivra Smart Review is the multi-channel feedback app that assures its usability to business type for every probable scenario. It has made it easy to get feedback and surveys from your customers. SmartReviews includes the location-based reports and drills down analytics that give the all-includes analysis of the surveys. However, this business management app could be used in retail, finance, restaurants, spas, Salons, automobiles, etc. It can work as the lead capture tool, customer feedback system, employee feedback, or offline survey system.

#2.1 Different Rating Scales

From the Smart Reviews, you can examine how your customers are taking your services or products quantitatively or check out how satisfied they are. Does it use a description that shows what every category is representing? Hence, this feature gives the list of scored categories that the customers have to select to give feedback. This business management app offers customizable rating scales, but some of them are typical, such as- Satisfied = 4, Dissatisfied = 2, Neutral = 3, N/A = Void Response, etc.

#2.2 Take Action From Response Inbox

From the collaborative response inbox, the businesses can respond to the actions from the inbox only. The smart review allows you to check or examine every feedback and consult the team members to consider it and resolve it. The primary operations that Smart Reviews does are; it checks the response, filter the response, marks the urgent, flag the feedback, assign the task to the team members, send the emails to customer and later add the notes for the feedback.

#2.3 Alerts and Push Notifications

Now, you can get alerts or push notifications after observing the low rating. An extensive report of the daily feedback performance is sent via email. The push notifications can be used to send the reports to the mobile devices promptly, even if the mobile phone is locked or unlocked.

#2.4 Full Insights and Reports

Check out the reports regarding customer’s feedback from the comprehensive reports and analytics. The businesses can take the required actions from the response inbox as per the analysis. From the email or push notifications, the reports can be sent.

#3. Qwaiting

Qwaiting App

Qwaiting manages the queues and eliminates the waiting time of all of your potential customers. Known as one of the popular apps, it boosts the effectiveness, improves the business profits, and totally changes the way to manage the customers. This app drops the manual working and executes all the actions by itself. It manages the customers’ details, controls the customers, provides the ticket system, schedules appointments, screen displays of numbers, gives sales funnel information, and delivers real-time data analytics pf every online transaction.

#3.1 Virtual Queues

Qwaiting enables your customer to follow the virtual queue online through the app, from the mobile or the on-site Kiosk. With this business management tool, the learning algorithms use different data points for an appropriate forecasted waiting time for every customer. It will create a ticket that has all the details of the services that the customer is likely to avail of.

#3.2 Schedule Appointments

Qwaiting allows you to set up, configure, and manage the resource availability and agent calendar. From this app, you can check-in and schedule the appointments. It includes the admin interface for configuring the capacity, appointment types, overbooking, calendar ownership, manages permissions, etc. Finding the nearby stores and getting online services in less time is probable with Qwaiting.

#3.3 Notifications and regular updates

It notifies the customer whenever their turn is approachable. From the regular updates, the customer can know how much of the time is left. Accordingly, they can request more time or can cancel if wanted. It sends the messages from the voice note or text, and customization of all these messages is also possible.

#3.4 Customer Feedback

This app collects the feedback from the customers in real-time. It offers you a comprehensive analysis of the changes and what works well in your business. From the regular feedback, you can get insights to assure the best staffing, pinpoint required procedural developments, and encourage growth to your customer services.

#3.5 Tracking & Reporting

Know more about your customers- their likes and dislikes from the real-time data. From this, you can offer what exactly the customers’ likes and, accordingly, can improve your customer base. This even lets you engage more of the new customers. In addition, you can acquire the consequences for various transaction types and the term of service.

#4. HRMWage

HRMWage App

It is the cloud-based Human Resource Management App that encapsulates payroll management, attendance tracking, and wage management. HRM wage streamlines the problems faced by HR in their daily activities- leave management, interviews of different job aspirants, salary calculation, employee performance tracking, etc. The integration of Business management apps is probable with the biometric devices so that the HR’s can track employee attendance, their logins, etc.

#4.1 Employee Database

Adding, editing, or deleting the employee’s data can be done effortlessly merely in some minutes. This app aids you in keeping only the data required for smooth and error-free operations. Hence, it shows you the data of the employees if used previously. Tracking the employee’s details whenever required, is feasible with this management app. When it is about security, you can trust HRMwage.

#4.2 Tracking Attendance

It allows you to track the attendance of every employee seamlessly. This app arms the secure check-in and check-out facilities to the employees. Hence, it takes away a lot of burdens away from the shoulders of the employees when it is about manual attendance. Accordingly, it showcases the total working time of the employees in the company and notifies HR when the employees fail to fulfill the desired parameters. HRM wage eliminates the process of emailing for leaves (short day, half-day, or full-day) and let the employees apply for the leaves on the app only. Team Leaders and HR professionals can also estimate employee performance every monthly.

#4.3 Employee Performance Management

HRM wage permits the employees to carry out many tasks, such as requesting brief leave periods, data updating, etc. Moreover, this app empowers the employees to get the benefits and control the options for several beneficial schemes by the company. From this, you can track the employee and carry out the hiring procedure effortlessly. You can track the time and attendance of the employees and allow them to compensate for suitable days. The HR’s can examine the data of the employees, generate personalized reports of many things such as turnover, attendance, employee satisfaction, etc., and notify the management regarding the same.

#4.4 Event Reminder App

From the reminder and notification system, the company departments can communicate with each other and make them prepare for different celebrations and events. It allows the business person and HR professionals to examine the appropriate execution of every assignment. The HR’s can plan and notify the employees regarding future events.

#4.5 Employees Document Management

Managing the employee’s documents in the company is a tough job. But, with the HRM wage, the things become totally easy. HR’s can upload their strategy documents on the App and keep this thing under the notice of the employees. With the accurate management of the documents, HR can discover which courses or sessions he or she can conform to the company culture. Also, from the database, it becomes easy to know the employee’s performance and present the awards to the deserving ones.

Concluding Remarks

This is all from our side!! We have given the leading four business management apps. It is totally worth to include them in your business strategies.

So, what are you waiting for?

Solve the issues you are facing in your business today!!

Pick the one according to your needs and demands!!

If you are already using the above-mentioned apps, then do share your experience with us!!! Or, if there is any other app that you are using, then let us know.

Queries and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you for your engagement!!

Have a great day!!