Salon Booking Software: Do You Really Need It?

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Salon Booking Software

Adapting to changing times is essential!

Adjusting with the digital age is essential to survive as a commercial business. This is true for the Salon industry. It needs to adapt the digital medium to streamline the daily activities.

Those days when the customer waits for hours for their turn to get served are gone. This new era has changed all things upside down-of course positively! Despite the type of Salon you have, you need to understand that the digital age is here to stay. Hence, taking steps along with it is necessary!

Keeping your Salon business updated with new or recent technological trends is vital. One of the tried and tested approaches is to include the Salon Booking Software in your Salon. Undoubtedly, it is one of those progressive factors that assure increase productivity to your Salon.

From the recent statistics, it is clear that the Salon market will register a CAGR of 7.11% from 2021 to 2026. This figure assures that the beauty market is not a joke anymore; it is getting competitive day by day. It results in an investment in Salon booking software to automate the Salon business activities.

The solution not only handles your business effectively but also, manages the customer and drives growth. Its global market size is estimated to record 890 million US$ till 2025. Indeed, including a cloud-based Salon software is a must to gain higher market traction.

As a Salon business owner, it is simultaneously important for you to make your Salon stand out. To make up your mind for the solution, keep on ready and find out the reasons for the same.

Salon Software- why suggested?

Online booking salon software is a cloud-based solution that helps Salons to manage their daily chaos. The stylists working in the beauty industry are so occupied with assisting the customers that it becomes complex for them to look after multiple customers booking. It creates more headaches in the peak hours. Hence, it becomes to choose Salon software as a helping hand.

The software aids in a number of tasks, such as appointment scheduling and booking, inventory tracking, customer and employee management, Point of Sale (POS), reports & analytics, rewards and loyalty programs, etc.

It assists in important factors, like efficient marketing and promotional activities, automation, resource management, membership programs, loyalty cards or gift coupons, tracking staff performance, evaluating revenue trends, customer feedback, employee schedules. etc.

With the right Salon Software, the customers can schedule, reschedule or cancel the appointments as per their convenience. Also, the salon staff can check their daily schedules and book accordingly with the customers.

The continuous growth of beauty and wellness products and services demands the Salon industry to make a gradual shift to the latest technology. With the adoption of Salon software, you can allow the Salon business to share and communicate easily over different locations.

Why is Salon Booking Software a necessity?

#1. Simple and Manageable appointments scheduling

The Salon software assists both salon owners and customers to save their productive time. The Salonist for example permits the customers to easily book their appointments, which the owners can check quickly in the backend.

These appointments can be sorted on a daily or weekly basis. Additionally, you can make and track the staff schedules, check their weekly availability and allot the appointments accordingly.

#2. Organized Booking Calendar

Ideally, you can check the customers’ schedules or appointments at a glance to make it simple to organize the calendar. You can manage it in the backend. Many Salon Software permits you or the Salon owners to know the number of customers that have scheduled their services with you, purchased products, and taken services from you.

The notifications of the group bookings can also be turned on. With an easy and quick appointment process, the chances of double bookings reduce. In addition, you can check which dates are available for bookings without any date overlapping.

#3. Targeted Salon Marketing Campaigns

There are many Salons out there that do not have time to obtain the customer’s details. In this technological world, many thriving online businesses depend more on customer’s data collection.

Since maximum beauty salon management software assists in securely storing customer information, like, addresses, emails, loyalty points, service history, and other important details, therefore, its value cannot be overemphasized.

With the stored information in the Salon database, the Salon owners can easily target the potential customers to send the emails or SMS of the new services, products, or some other information to make them the repetitive customer.

#4. Improves overall customer experience

Do you think that there is any customer who is unwilling to relax and schedule the salon appointment online without calling or even approaching Salon physically? Of course, not!!

Everyone likes to book easily and quickly without hampering their activities. As a Salon owner, you must know that the powerful Salon software enables the customers to schedule their bookings, check the available dates, choose their favorite stylist, and schedule or cancel if they cannot show up.

This is how you can improve the customer experience and make them feel valued. Those using the software tend to see the recommended services or products offered and even, buy those products without even visiting the Salon.

#5. Improved Customer Base

The Salon owners can keep track of the customer base on a weekly or monthly basis and check their progress. Certainly, every Salon thrives for growth and it is only possible with the right Salon Management Software. This not only helps you in securing the new customers but, even, assists you in creating the referral links and loyalty programs that the customers can leverage.

With the loyalty program of the Salon software, the customers get points each time they are visiting the Salon. When the customers understand that they do not need to call to schedule an appointment, simply can use the software to do that, then, it improves the customer base of the Salon.

#6. Assists in monitoring sales

From the Salon software, the sales report can be generated. It is the best way to track and analyze the sales on the system.

If you have also built a way for customers to use discounts, the discount report enables you to check what discounts were used and how the discounts were applied.

#7. Handle upcoming Appointments and walk-ins with the notification system

Everyone is busy, hence, they do not like to wait for their turn. Hence, it is essential to manage the walk-ins and appointments. The best method here is using the notification system. Give a reminder to your customer via SMS or email (according to the option they have adopted) on future appointments and ultimately, they will acknowledge you.

Sending the notifications and managing the appointments to the customers quickly reflects a trusted, efficient and organized system on the Salon business part.

#8. Convert your Salon business into a professional one

Professionalism is the main concern in making the Salon business stay ahead of the competitors. And, with the best Salon booking software, you can achieve this as it is the future of salon management. Consider all the things you can implement on the software and how perfectly it permits you to operate your Salon business. The customers also appreciate this and consequently, your Salon can earn respect.

#9. Sell Services and Products

How do you find that despite allowing the customers to book an appointment from the software, you can list the services and products for sale? With salon management software you can Increase Retail Sales in the Salon.

Introduce the new nail paint colors, beauty services, or the new shampoo line to the customers in the software only. Now, it is not required to wait for the customers to visit your Salon to sell the products, use the Salon software, list all of them and sell.

#10. Doesn’t require tracking appointments via emails or phone calls

The customers cannot break into the Salon directly. They have to schedule an appointment with you beforehand to give you the time to make arrangements. Are you considering answering emails or calls easily?

No, it is not- it is quite a tiresome and inefficient task. Hence, it is essential to follow the way which is convenient for all.

To know the right time for both parties, you have to check out all of the bookings. Also, you require a full-time desk person for handling every email and call. Give customers prompt service or response with 24X7 availability.

However, when you have Salon management software, every small or large thing can be managed easily. It allows the customers to analyze and choose the available time and schedule an appointment at a suitable time.

#11. Receive payments online

There are very few Salons that receive payment in form of cash. In this digital world, users like to follow the online modes of paying. Many Salon software has online booking widgets. These widgets include those effective, reliable, and user-friendly payment methods.

From these payment gateways, the paying process becomes more convenient for the customers and the Salons. Also, the online payments are done before, hence, it assures that the customer assuredly visits you or if there are chances of no-show then even, you are not at loss. The most used payment modes used by Salon owners are, PayPal, and Stripe.

To insist customers pay online, you can delight them with discounts, reward or loyalty programs, etc.

#12. Manage staff schedules and workload

Many a time, when the customer books with you, they need a particular hairdresser to serve you. Though, the stylist has to provide the services as well.

Salonist is one of the best online booking software that manages the staff schedule and tracks the appointments and the right time from one place. The customers can only book an appointment if the makeup artist or hairdresser is available. When the task is given to any staff, they can get an alert with the timing and other necessary details. Automatically, it can be included in the calendar. That is why online booking software is a dire need nowadays.

Concluding Remarks

Salon management software is the one-stop solution for all the Salons. To manage all the basic and advanced beauty needs effectively, from make-up, nail, hair, you need to adapt the Salon Software. It is not a choice, but an important aspect for beauty salon marketing.

When it is about growing your business, there are endless opportunities and Salon Software is one of them. So, it is better to adopt the best one and improve the Salon productivity and create convenience and ease for the customer.

Hopefully, you have understood our concern behind this article. If you have any query related then, comment below. Also, if you have been using Salon software then, do share your experience with us.

Thanks for sparing time for reading!