Tips to Increase Retail Sales in Salon

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Tips to Increase Retail Sales in-the-Salon

We all love getting extra cash!!

And, when you own Salon or spa, there are many chances to earn more. Here, our concern does not lie in services only. Retail sales are also the main source of increasing salon productivity & revenue. Assuredly, they add more value to your Salon bank balance.

There is no denying the fact that the Salon retail sales are essential if you want to survive in this highly competitive place.

Placing the retail products on the Salon shelves or table is not going to invite the customers to buy. If you are doing so, certainly, no one will give it the second look. Therefore, for selling your retail products like hotcakes, there is a need to create a salon retail culture. And, this is here, many salons fail!

If you do not want to be part of this race, then, keep on reading to find the best tips to increase retail sales in the salon.

How to Increase retail sales in the Salon?

#1. Partner with the well-known salon brands

Partnering with the right salon brands assures your retail sale. Despite the best retail marketing, you can be left behind there is no right team behind you.

Particularly, it is right for every technical equipment, you must have a strong support team, good connections, etc. Also, your Salon staff must know to whom they call in an emergency (computer malfunctions or point of sale monitoring, etc).

#2. Know your target market

If you are choosing the product that resonates with the types of customers you want to attract to your salon business and services, you first need to know who that customer is. Briefly, they are your potential customers.

The potential customers are the one who works according to your perspectives. They follow your style and aesthetics, get along perfectly with your attitude and personality, and value the same things you do.

After knowing who your potential customers are; find out what they are looking for, which will affect your branding, the services you provide, and the products you use and sell.

#3. Pick the best salon products

The next is to pick the best salon products for sale. It is better to start with the most likable collection or bestseller Salon products. If we consider the hair salon, then, the most selling ones are; shampoo, conditioner, styling or hair treatment products, etc. This fact is proved by Statista that says that the global haircare market will grow by 102 billion dollars till 2024.

It is best to choose one or two brands and then select products from these lines individually. This will make your salon more professional, and make it simple to sell products of the same brand.

Ask your customers what they look for while buying the products. After knowing the customer’s perspective, and picking the products you want to sell, you will choose and stock products that they want to buy. When you test the main retail products, you can expand your salon retail ideas and increase the range of products sold in salons.

#4. Market the Salon retail products

Marketing the Salon products is not only limited to offline mode. Although, with the right Salon Software, you can sell the products online. Popular social media platforms, like Instagram or Facebook are best to post the details of the product sales, or special offers to capture more user’s attention.

The Salon solution also helps in tracking the online appointment booking and also selling the products when you notify the customers. It also assists you in managing the salon operations easily. The weekly or monthly newsletter for every customer on the email list is also a better idea. This list can be used to offer your customers photographs of the latest hair trends, right hair care tips and tricks, and the special offers only available for newsletter subscribers.

Additional ideas involve issuing discount coupons to every customer and providing special hair packaging. The packages could be styling and full-size or mini products that customers can take home. It does not matter what the size of your Salon is, you must have the online booking software that allows you to book online.

Hence, it streamlines the booking process and assures that there are no errors, which usually happens when an operation is handled manually. The Salon products can also be listed on the website to make it feasible for the customers to purchase when booking or browsing the Salon service online.

#5. Keep your Staff motivated

When selling retail products, it may be difficult to keep employees motivated. So, it is always better to have special rewards, offers, discounts, and salon retail competition ideas.

It involves providing bonuses for staff members who are selling more products in the specified time period. Interesting things, such as event packages or special spa days can be added to those who are best in selling items in your Salon.

#6. Beauty salon retail ideas

The perfectly designed salon retail shelves or Salon retail display adds a difference in the number of products you sell in the salon. You can check out the images of the best Salons to know how they display their products. Also, you can make a mood board on Pinterest to have an idea of the hair salon retail displays or type of shelving that you need and take a note of the salon marketing ideas.

Selling correctly has its own whole science. Many articles are there on the same if you want to gain knowledge and know more Salon retail ideas. More salon retail display ideas provides many products based on the needs of customers.

You must also inform the customers about the products you are using on their hair. It will insist them to buy them to create a whole new look.

Additionally, the height to which you are placing the products also plays a major role in retail sales. Every Salon product has to be stored neatly to make it easy for the stylists to work.

#7. What makes your Salon different?

Your Salon culture is an imperative part of your brand. This is what makes your salon different. It points to the behavior and value you expect from yourself, your staff, and customers.

When it is about retail, align the products according to the Salon culture. Placing only your choice of products is not going to work. However, you can select the Salon’s with the same aim as yours. And, accordingly make the changes to remain different.

Absolutely, you should not sell the products which disagree with or are not likable by you or by customers. Never forget to find out what other brands are doing and check out the ways to stay ahead.

#8. Understand the price points

Knowing which price points are agreeable to the potential customers is essential for retail sales success. There are fewer who want to spend $100 on the hair and except you want to cater to the sort of customers who are willing to spend that much money, you should not carry such valuable products. Know if:

  • Is it budget-friendly for the potential customer or not?
  • Is it feasible for the potential customer or not?
  • Does this specific brand provide products at varied price points, so that I can provide different products with a limited product line?

Some more tips for creating and handling the salon retail

  • Train yourself

If you want to sell a retail product effectively, you need to completely understand the product, when to use it and when it could be a waste of time. Every staff member must know and train the customer of the overall retail line.

  • Train your customers

Ask your customers how some products are best for their hair. Make them understood- when, how, and why to use this product. Additionally, educate them on the reviews your Salon has received from the existing customer. With this, they can ask- when to use this product, when and how to rinse, when or when not to use it, and many more.

  • Accept differences in views

Realize the fact that not everyone will like what you like 100% of the time. Be cautious to know from the customer that they do not like this product and would like to try the new one. Find out the reasons for their not liking and then, suggest them other best products.

  • Sell those products that customers’ like

Manage the Salon business according to the specific needs of the customers, and we never recommend that they buy things that do not bring value.

The retail policy must complement your services, however, you don’t need to just push products to potential customers. Doing so may lead to a breakdown of trust, or even in the worst case, to prevent someone from coming back.

Concluding Remarks

Including the above-mentioned idea in your Salon will assuredly, increase retail sales in the salon. Not only that, but your customer service satisfaction may also rise, which is a win-win deal.

If you have more strategies to increase retail sales in the salon, then, let us know. In case, you have some queries, then comment below.

Thanks for reading!!