Best 10 Thanksgiving Salon Marketing Ideas 2024

POSTED BY Julia Ching


Thanking is a great gesture!!

Appreciating your colleagues, families, and friends for something they did for you and gave you creates a moment of happiness and improves relationships.

Even if you are a businessperson, saying “thank you” to your customers or staff members is a way of getting profitable results.

The salons normally experience a large footfall on a daily basis; making them feel valued is a win-win deal. Several leading salon businesses fail to secure the right clientele and produce more revenue. Hence, leveraging the feasible opportunities for thanking should be taken into consideration.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every year in the US on the fourth Thursday of November. Hence, The salon owners can take advantage of this day to thank their precious customers and build a strong bond with them.

For your convenience, here in this article, we are giving you the 10 best marketing ideas that you can use in your salon to improve the customer retention rate.

Thanksgiving Salon Marketing ideas

#1. Plan a Secret Sale

Are there used goods that are not for sale in the salon? Why not bundle it up and make sure that every mysterious bundle has an x value? Assuredly, it will add pleasure and surprises to the customers.

#2. Hold promotions before Thanksgiving In Salon

On the eve of Thanksgiving, why not have a daily promotion? You can build pre-posts for Facebook and Instagram to improve the schedule of daily promotions, as well as daily posts for every promotion.

Package the Salon products together

Building more value is the best way to make the offer irresistible. So, why not bundle several products collectively and get ready to sell Christmas gifts in gift boxes or gift wraps for free?

#3. Provide Discounts For The Online Store

Several salons have online stores that can sell products to local and international customers. Why not participate in the crazy event of “Cyber ​​Monday” and offer discounts for the products bought online in the event.

#4. Run Referral Program in Thanksgiving Salon Marketing

Why not let your customers become your referral engine? So, if they are booking a service package that can be shared with family or friends, then provide them with a free gift card.

#5. Value-Added Services Attract Repeat Customers

For customers who regularly provide services (like styling and hair conditioning), you can provide them with discounts on other services, like facial treatments, the next time they visit the salon. This will help you boost customer loyalty.

#6. Personalize Special Offer Alerts

Let the special offers create a memorable experience; do not send the general email and call with a boring message. Inform your customers about the thoughts you have for the future appointments you offer. Know beforehand how they are considering your offer; are they interested?

#7. Discount Some Particular Product Line

Enhance customer’s awareness of the slower retail products in your salons. Provide discounts for those products that you need to switch; do not discount the core products, like shampoos and conditioners.

#8. Free Gift Wrapping Service On The Products

Gifts wrap the gifts and make the task easy for the customers with their busy schedules. Provide free gift wrapping services for customers who purchase any products from your salon on Thanksgiving.

#9. Run a Thanksgiving Contest

Allow your customers to carry out Thanksgiving salon marketing and ask them to tag your salon in their Instagram posts. Also, they can add comments to your posts to get more engagement and improve visibility simultaneously. But assure me that you are fulfilling every local law on running lotteries or competitors.

#10. Group Appointments For Loved Ones

Salon owners can ask their customers to bring in their family members or friends at one time. And provide them with the offers, discounts, or gift cards on their service at the time of Thanksgiving. Make it possible only when they visit at the same time. This is the best Thanksgiving salon marketing idea.

The significance of Thanksgiving day

It is a national holiday in the United States that is meant to celebrate Thanksgiving and other goods of the last year. The Americans modeled their holiday on the feast that the British colonists and Wampanoag shared in 1621.

To celebrate, the friends and families gathered for the feast. Traditional American fare usually involves cranberry, turkey, and pumpkin pie. With the passage of time, this holiday gradually separated its religious roots, allowing immigrants of all backgrounds to engage in a community tradition.

Regarding vehicular travel, Thanksgiving is usually the busiest holiday of the year. This year, it is celebrated on Thursday, November 28, 2024.

Why is Thanksgiving important, and how do you appreciate your customers?

Telling someone that you are thankful to them means a lot, particularly when they are your potential salon customers. It shows that you admire their support and helps strengthen the relationship. More and more ways are available to engage and keep your salon customers happy. These are not restricted to only face-to-face interactions.

With the boost of the internet and social media, the possibilities to send thanks to your messages have increased. As, here, our concern lies in thanking the customers, you have to assure that you personalize it. This is how thankfulness becomes more genuine. Also, consider sending Thanksgiving gifts to the customers, which is the best Thanksgiving salon marketing trick.. It could be some discount, a gift, some gift cards, etc.

Concluding Remarks

Thanking the customers is the basis of the Thanksgiving salon marketing idea. Let them know that you will use personalized promotional offers or gift cards to cherish their regular visits to the hair salon. Also remember to add value to the offer, as this will often bring customers back to repeat purchases of services.

We hope you loved these ideas and implemented them in your salon. Also, if you have more suggestions regarding the same, then do share them with us in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!