How You Can Grow Salon Business?

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Grow Salon Business

Who doesn’t like to taste the business growth? I do! Do you?

When you are a Salon business owner, growing is essential! Reason-if you will not, then, your competitors will. Do you like to experience it? Not, right? Then, work on strategies to climb the ladder to success. 

Always remember- customers are important. So, establish a strong customer base first. Once you have it and skilled staff for services, then, implement the ways of expanding your business growth. I recommend you start with integrating a Salon solution, like Salonist Software. This will assist with a number of features that display your current market position. Hence, you can work on strategies that can assure more growth.

In addition to this, there are tips that need to be implemented in your Salon business. This guide will reveal those! Check out!

Effective Ways to Grow Salon Business

#1. Ask customers for feedback

Ask customers for feedback

Surveys are important when it is about to Grow Salon Business. It lets you know the needs and wants of your customers, what they think about your Salon, and the services you are providing.  Let’s say; you want to hire a hairstylist, but do not have an idea if it will be beneficial for your business or not. 

Salon management software here automates the process of asking for feedback. It lets you send an email or SMS only after the customers get served. When you have feedback in your hand, appreciate the customers and start acting on it. The feedback works in the below ways:

  • You get to know the necessities of your customers
  • The customers will feel recognized and valued

#2. Offer gift certificates or gift cards

Offer gift certificates or gift cards

For your Salon growth, selling or offering gift certificates is a win-win deal. The results it proffers are jaw-dropping. 

You need to increase the gift card sales in the salon. For this, you need to allow your current customers to buy gift certificates for their friends or family. Accordingly, you will not only capture new customers, however, also improve ROI. But first thing first, how you will encourage your customers to purchase gift cards from you or make them aware of what you are offering?

Start advertising on your Salon windows or counter, by sending emails or on the business website. Allow your staff members for promotion and give them incentives if they crack the deal. However, do not make the purchase process complicated. Leverage e-gifting and let your customers buy from the website only. Give discounts to customers who are buying (like @100 for $120 gift card)

Take advantage of social media and post about your offers. Inform customers and let them buy it for their loved ones on Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  

#3. Try Salon Booking System

Try Salon Booking System

Manual ways of handling appointments are gone a long time back. Now is the time of automation, so is Salon software. Of course, noting the details of every customer who booked with you is a chaotic task. It not only consumes a lot of time but is an error-prone task. 

Customers prefer to use software for booking appointments online and Salonist software is giving them this benefit. It allows them to book, re-book or cancel their appointments at their convenience even after business hours. 

Believingly, when you integrate the software into your Salon business, the benefits are endless. From accepting payments online to inventory management, POS, marketing automation, appointment booking, employee and customer management, etc., it has all! Collectively, it simplifies every process that you might be considering as cumbersome. Each of the features it has assuredly will give you a path to succeed in the competitive beauty industry. 

#4. Sell more products and expand the range of your services

The other trick on my bucket list is selling the products and services that are more expensive than the general ones. Following this, there will be a boost to your average services and product prices. I understand that not all customers like paying for the costlier services, but there are some. Though, if the customer is not choosing services with higher-price,  then, having them on the list is also valuable. 

Also, research about the market trends on Salon business. Know what beauty products and services your Salon do not have. Accordingly, you can target other customers (children or men). 

Usually, I have seen Salon business owners feel hesitant to increase the prices of their services. If you are thinking that your potential customers will be annoyed with this, they will not! They can also believe that there is some add-on in the services, hence, the prices are increased. 

#5. Implement Referral program

If the referral programs are executed rightly, then, winning opportunities are assured. When your existing customers refer your Salon to a friend or family member. They both will receive discounts, get a free consultation or product and Boom- you got a new customer. This is how it works!

So, if I will say that referral programs instill new customers to your Salon door, then, it is not wrong. It fosters customer loyalty. However, with this, you can convert your struggling Salon to a thriving one. It is said that there are 18% chances of the referred customers to stay with your Salon for more time. 

There is one thing where you need to be strategic. When you are giving a reward for referral, look after the cost and time of the services. Indeed, you do not want to give a service that is more expensive and consumes more time. Also, make sure that the rewards are worthy and executed properly. If you are thinking that when the customers will refer 8 people and then, you only will reward them, believe me- you are on the wrong path. Whereas giving rewards on the exchange of three is enough to gain a positive outcome.

#6. Prioritize your Salon Staff

The customers are visiting your Salon because of the high-end services the Salon staff is providing. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to give priority to your staff members. Give value to them and follow the acts to enhance their morale. They are vital for you to Grow Salon Business and are working hard in selling the salon products and keeping the customers satisfied.  All this gave rise to salon growth. 

Give timely rewards for their services and nurture them. Also, if they are lacking somewhere, give training. Provide good pay, be responsible for their needs. Also, organize some get-togethers either quarterly or monthly, socialize and give promotions. 


In addition to all the above-mentioned ways, you need to follow other aspects as well to assure to Grow Salon Business:

  • The salon interior should be soothing and calming.
  • Follow the modern yet contemporary look.
  • Include greenery to make the Salon appealing.
  • Employ a receptionist to greet the customers.
  • Integrate a Salon booking software.

While looking for Salon software, give it a try to Salonist. It gives a 14- day free trial. Know its worth!