Tips to Keep Hair Fresh as Daisy in Summer

POSTED BY Julia Ching


Summer and hair don’t exactly go hand in hand. The dryness of your scalp, the drizzle of flakes and frizz are only a few of the indicators that tell you, the worst season for hair has just arrived. Fret not, here are some tips that can help to lock in moisture and Hair as Fresh as Daisy and beautiful.

4 Tips to Keep Hair Fresh as Daisy in Summer

#1. Homemade Hair Masks:

A newfound culture of facials and face masks have taken over the social media recently, with every platform advising on how to keep the face soft. What they forget, is essential care for hair. A quick yogurt, egg and honey mask can help keep the flakes away and give a smooth scalp.

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#2. Refresh your style:

Trimming the hair once every two or three months, helps not only in the reduction of hair loss and split ends but it also makes your cut look fresh and styled.

#3. Oiling:

Oiling in this new era is less and less preferred because of the on-the-go generation. Massaging your hair with oil not only helps circulate the blood flow, which is healthy, it also helps in retaining and providing the hair with nutrients that shampoos usually strip. So, take an hour on your weekend, massage some oil on, lemongrass oil is recommended! Feel how silky your hair stays for the next few days.

#4. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is an old remedy used instead of chemical-induced conditioners. Just take a handful of aloe and massage it on your scalp. An organic conditioner which is also cost effective!

Hair is part of a person. It needs to be maintained Hair as Fresh as Daisy and taken care of like a baby. Being gentle and spending time on it can come a long way.


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