Top 10 Shedul Alternatives for Successful Salon Management

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Successful Salon Management

Are you using any management Software to make your Salon’s daily activities seamless? If yes!! then there are chances that you are getting your work done faster and perfectly. But, sometimes there is a Software you find tedious and imagine things could have been more beneficial. You only jiggle around to use the Software Like Shedul. There comes the need to seek Shedul alternatives.

Though, it is better to try the alternatives before finalizing the one. It all depends on your choice that you want to use or the one that can fit perfectly into your needs and budget as well. Subsequently, the other central aspect is to follow the right approach while choosing the one.

“Try again; you have millions of alternatives. Fill yourself with the bullets of hope and you will kill failure with one shot.” Israelmore Ayivor

Get yourself enthusiastic about the above quote. Hence, There are several Salon Software out there. Surely, all have their outstanding features; though they have some cons as well. But, you can find the one that has the perfect approach according to you.

Here, in this article, we will give you a Shedul Alternatives. However, it is the best online scheduling and booking software for salons and spas and is user-friendly as well.

But, it has some downsides as well. It cannot be a perfect choice for everyone. Keeping that in mind, we have underlined the ten Shedul alternatives that you can choose as per your suitability.

According to Some Reviews:

  • Shedul Software does not have the customization options for the page layouts. That is the type of data to be displayed.
  • It does not hold the credit card processing option.
  • The option of reporting for sales tax is also not included.
  • Packages deals are also not included. Also, Shedul has also not integrated the option to check a number of services used or left in the packages.

These were some of the points in which Shedul Salon Software lacks. Explore the list of Shedul alternatives for your Salon business below.

Shedul Alternatives :

#1. Salonist

Salonist is the best Salon management Software so far. This cloud-based Software can handle several issues that are making it tough for you to manage your Salon business. Certainly, Salonist is the best alternatives of Shedul.

From online booking, Inventory management, Point of Sale, to marketing, Salonist has covered you. Now, you can spare your productive time to boost your Salon’s productivity in a smarter and personalized manner.

It is trusted by 10,000+ businesses in more than 45 countries. To clarify, check out below the significant features to handle your daily operations easily.

Salonist features

  • Booking an appointment was never so easier. Consequently, let your customers book appointments 24X7 with more beneficial Salon Software.
  • The customers can verify their current memberships from the booking page only.
  • It handles the inventory from the centralized system. Also, with Salonist, you can track all the leftover stocks from all your locations. Therefore, keep yourself updated with the reporting to find the consumed and wastage products.
  • Salonist uses the reminders system (SMS and email) to notify with the requested products, quantity alerts, and stock transfers, etc.
  • Make your marketing intact with Salonist email marketing. Let customers know that you care about them. You can send them an email regarding birthdays, anniversaries, and appointments. In addition, give them the chance to discover the services they are getting. Accordingly, get feedback with more user-interaction.
  • Salonist practice only the secure and easily accessible payment gateways. It makes it clear for the customers to make payments for their purchase and service seamlessly.
  • How about the international audience? Don’t you want to reach them? Now, you can!! Use the Salonist and let your Salon reach every part of this sphere and enhance your customer’s volume.
  • Also, Salonist is integrated with several industries. Massage & Spa Centers, Hair Salons, Beauty Salons, Makeup Artist, Barber Shops, and Health Clinics are some of them.
  • It is integrated with Facebook, Instagram, and the web also. The customers can easily book their appointments from those channels as well.
  • With the help of the Salonist POS system, your salon clients can make payment for services at your salon without any hesitation. You can also sell more to your customers and track customer information, inventory, and sale in a secure way. However, it also calculates the changes by the bank when you make the online transaction.

Choose all-in-one Salonist and sign up for 14 days of free trial.

#2. Rosy Salon Software

This Salon Software is designed by keeping in mind the small and mid-size businesses’ needs. Additionally, Rosy Software authorizes businesses with product distributors and manufacturers. It uses the fully-functional operations to give customers the best experience.

Simultaneously, you can enhance your Salon productivity, customer relationships, and can bring in more profit. Also, Rosy Salon is the complete Salon and Spa management tool that you can use without any intricacy. Find out its extensive features below:

  • Use Rosy Salon Software to book the appointment easily. Consequently, you can check the customer history and can send them reminders of their schedule in the form of automated text and emails.
  • With POS, you can handle the checkouts, gift cards, and cash drawers.
  • The customers can also use Facebook to book appointments.
  • It also offers loyalty programs to attract more customers.
  • You can also prepare several reports, like, revenue, payroll, and accounting.
  • You can access this Software in multiple locations and can oversee your business anywhere from this sphere.

#3. Vagaro

Handle all your facility roles with an outstanding Salon management Software, Vagaro. Indeed, You can choose this Software to manage payroll, inventory, bookkeeping, loyalty program, POS, recurring appointments, etc. Vagaro is also an exclusive software in Shedul alternatives. This is the best solution for all business types, spa, barber, Salon, fitness to new a few. Let’s discover its crucial features below:

  • Vagaro’s calendar is used to handle the booking schedules of your customers. So, your employees can change the bookings according to their schedules.
  • Vagaro uses critical notifications in the form of texts, emails, and push notifications to the customers to inform them about their salon appointment bookings.
  • With its automated email marketing, you can send birthday emails, thank you emails, etc.
  • The customers can book the appointments from the Vagaro App, Google, Instagram, Facebook,, and any other customizable widget.
  • With its customizable dashboard, you can check the charts and reports for your business growth.
  • Vagaro has an economical POS system that you can access from the computer, tablet, and phone.
  • Other significant features it includes are; inventory, customer tracking, invoices, reports, payment processing, memberships, payment processing, etc.

#4. Phorest

Boost your average spend and get your potential customer back to your Salon door with Phorest Salon Software. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best software in Shedul Alternatives.

Phorest uses the latest trends and technologies to make it easy for you to manage your Salon’s daily activities easily. It offers a set of compelling features that you can check below:

  • This salon software provides several apps such as iPad and iPhone, to integrate successfully with your system. With this, the customers can book the appointments 24X7 from anywhere.
  • Phorest appointment calendar is there for you to handle the customers and schedule of your employees.
  • Streamline the admin work and use Phorest. Manage the stock, staff, POS, and customer information from all-in-one Cloud-based Software.
  • Increase re-bookings and reduce no shows with automated SMS and email communication with your customers.
  • With its ReConnect feature, you can segment and target your customers who are delayed for re-booking.
  • You can get the SMS and email marketing templates for every occasion and goals.
  • With Phorest, marketing, reporting, tracking has become simple and easy. Now, you can connect to your Salon franchises from one system solution only.
  • Choose Phorest and get reporting to know about your sales, employee, and business performance and act accordingly.
  • Now, you can accept payments in the form of cards and cash. Also, get connected with loyalty programs, inventory levels, commission, and finances to ensure that the information is up to date.

#5. Mindbody

Practice Mindbody and let the customer choose you only for their requirements. It is an excellent Management Software that can reduce churn and friction. With its extensive features, you can provide the attention that the customer requires and deserves, though.

Manage your Salon’s day to day activities such as client management, booking, and employee scheduling so that you can get more time to concentrate on other essential aspects of your Salon business. Determine its most compelling features below:

  • It’s commendable automated email marketing, and online capabilities are best to grow your Salon business.
  • POS and the other retail solutions are there to sell your beauty services and products effortlessly.
  • The retention and membership tools to manage memberships & help keep your customers coming back to your Salon. The membership tools amalgamate, specifically the birthday messages, referral program information automated appointment reminders, etc.
  • There is a mobile functionality that includes the business app for POS and booking.
  • Other critical features it includes are scheduling (multilocation, appointment, alerts and notification, resource, employee, class, automated, etc.), reports, automation, and many more.

#6. Zenoti

It is a cloud-based Salon solution for spas, med spas, salons, fitness and yoga solutions, etc. You can control your business operations at one place from a single interface. This Management Software supports every single aspect of your Salon business with less effort.

Zenoti’s powerful features work together to help all your end to end workflows. Check out below how this Software is serving all the preeminent Salons all around.

  • It uses the calendar with its comprehensive features, and also the booking wizard is there to make the booking simple.
  • Your customers can find you quickly and book with you. They can also pay on the website, which is custom-designed for you.
  • The customers can use Android and iOS to schedule their appointment anytime and from anywhere.
  • With Zenoti’s easy scheduling, you can manage the commission tracking, payroll, biometric attendance tracking, and performance measures.
  • It also avails you to check the visit history, past transactions, and demographics.
  • Please your customers by allowing them to redeem the package visits, membership benefits, and the gift cards using a centralized database.
  • Use the product’s data to control your Salon’s inventory from several locations following the analysis tools and the comprehensive inventory reports.
  • With automated SMS and email marketing campaigns, you can deliver compelling business results.

#7. Acuity

Being a cloud-based Salon Software, Acuity enables the Salon’s to manage their business operations adequately. It fulfills the needs of small-size businesses, mid-size businesses, and individuals.

Acuity accommodates all the worthy features that can assist the Salon to boost their business and manage their admin tasks so that you can focus on the other core operations and give excellent assistance to your customers. Check out its key features below:

  • Let customers book you according to your schedule and availability. Authorize them to schedule, reschedule, and cancel the appointments.
  • Integrate the potential customer’s data in your system from the intake forms while scheduling.
  • You can accept payments from Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, Square, and
  • Link your existing calendar with Outlook, Google, iCloud, and Office 365 and get alerts when new bookings are accepted.
  • Acuity is integrated with Google+, Facebook and Twitter where it is easy to share the content or any other specific task.
  • Create memberships, packages and also the group classes. Acuity Salon software tends to customize everything so that you can amend the things according to your needs.


Choose to manage your Salon activities without any assistance. It is an open stop solution for the Salon that accepts the appointments and find online booking a hassle. is the best solution for Spas, Salons, gyms, etc. Use it and get more bookings and sales at your Salon door. Check out its features below:

  • With, you can accept the booking online 24X7.
  • The payments can be accepted online and onsite with Point of Sale option.
  • Use the photo gallery and marketing tools to showcase your Salon business.
  • Reward the customers with loyalty points and offer them products, with the packed services and the reward point as well.
  • It integrates the automated alerts to verify whether the booking is canceled, made or rescheduled.
  • The other features it includes are; reward and referrals, gift cards and coupons, intake forms, calendar sync with personal calendar, reward and referrals.

#9. 10 to 8

It is the powerful Salon Software for the enthusiastic Salon businesses that desire to reduce no-shows, improve capacity and enhance the customer experience.

This Salon Software is conferred by thousands of beauty experts and salon masters universally. To know about this Software, you need to examine the below features:

  • Give your customers the up to date information they require with 10 to 8 scheduling Software.
  • Sync your scheduled appointments with its Google Calendar.
  • It is integrated with the WordPress website with one of their free plugin.
  • You can use the safe and secure PayPal gateway to accept the payments.
  • This Software is integrated with Facebook, so booking from this social channel is also possible.
  • It offers an instant online profile so that the customers could check the service you Salon is offering.
  • Private notes, Appointment details, email reminders, automated SMS and confirmations will appear directly on the calendar.
  • You can commence two-way sync with your external calendars, such as iCal, Google, Office 365, Exchange, or
  • It offers Zapier, API, custom report or Microsoft low to address your unique scheduling requirements.

#10. Booker

Operate your Salon business with Booker and overcome the challenges it is facing now. It amalgamates all the features that a businessperson requires from staff, accepting payments to boosting your customer base, Booker has covered you adequately.

Learn how booker can increase your customer retention rate:

  • There are gift certificates, e-commerce capability, credit card processing features for the customers.
  • Booker is integrated with Yellow pages, Yahoo, Superpages, and bing to showcase the appointments, offers, and discounts.
  • It also allows Customer Relationship Management (CRM), business intelligence (BI) dashboard,
    appoints booking tool with powerful calendar scheduling, customer loyalty programs, inventory management features, etc.
  • The solution also provides mobile functionalities for remote access.
  • Integrated POS, Social media booking, built-in scheduler, customer surveys, and email marketing are some of its extensive features.

What’s your verdict?

Before concluding, it is important to look after the important factors before choosing the best software in the Shedul Alternatives. That could be:

  • Does it do everything I want it to do?
  • Is it better than the current Salon Management Software?
  • Is it contain customization options?

These are some of the questions that you should consider. But, there are other factors, such as functionality, compatibility, user-friendliness, price, credibility, agility and many more.

Keep one thing in mind-

“If you buy something terrible in order to pay less, it’ll just make more work for you down the road”– Benji Markoff.

Though there are several cheap and free options available. It is vital to choose the one that can give your Salon business the benefits you want. All you need is to Boost sales, crush goals, and find success with the best Shedul Alternatives.

Nevertheless, we have lined up the best considerations. Choose the one according to your preference.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If there are any other Shedul Alternatives, then let us know in the comment section below. Share your queries and suggestions.

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Thanks for reading!!