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Do you own a Salon? And find managing every day’s chaos complex, especially during peak hours? Indeed… It is a tough job!!

As we are moving toward the era of technological advancements, finding a solution that can fit into your requirements is not a challenge anymore. The traditional ways of managing the Salon business has vanished, and the approach has gone above the right pairs of scissors to run the Salon. Certainly, technology demands from the businesses to go with the flow to sustain.

You must have heard- “Sometimes it’s better to go with the flow rather than try and emulate something from a bygone era.

So, it will be beneficial if you follow the right approach at the right time. Cloud-based Salon Software has made its remarkable presence in the beauty industry. It is a tool that assists the Salon owners to manage their business operations effectively. Undoubtedly, opting, for it is the real investment for your business.

Check Out Some of the Recent Statistics Below.

The report is generated by keeping the market share, size, applications, and other significant measures in mind.

  • 73% of the businesses have adopted cloud software, and almost 17% are planning to integrate it in the next 12 months.
  • The market of Salon and Spa software is expected to account for 7.11% above the forecast period.
  • The essential measures like increased flexibility, reduced costs, prompt data accessibility, and recovery, productivity loss, downtime reduction, etc. are pushing the selection of cloud solutions for the Salons.

There are several Salon Management Software out there. All you need to pick the right one!!

Remember, there is no multi-functional Salon Software service. A useful Salon software like Zenoti might offer outstanding features, but it is not apparent that it will match your business needs. Accordingly, there are other alternative of Zenoti that you can fit to your needs.

For your convenience, we are providing the five best alternatives to Zenoti. Assure yourself to choose the best one and examine them according to their features. Or compare them to get the best deal.

Our team has estimated Zenoti with a total rating of 8.0 out of 10 following a series of extensive tests. The customers of Zenoti hold an average satisfaction rate with the product at N/A% that exposes their attitude with the services. Consequently, we have examined the limitations of the Zenoti. Read below to assure yourself that adopting its alternative is worth the time and effort.

Limitations of the Zenoti

  • This Salon software cannot handle the extensive inventory. And, it does not have the capability to manage 10,000+ items approximately.
  • For accounting, the inventory reports are not according to the convention.
  • Comprehending and practicing the new features become confusion sometimes.
  • It does not display the purchase history. However, this implies that it takes too many clicks to discover the check-out of the products.
  • Zenoti takes a long (sometimes a whole day) to answer the client’s queries. So, we can say that it has a complex chat support system. And, the customers find it difficult to communicate with the team from online chat support.
  • Zenoti does not have marketing automation according to modern standards. Wholly, it is not a comprehensive SMS or email software for lead pursuit funnel. And, does not have the phone support system for prompt help.
  • This Software solution is not fully- functional on the mobile. Also, it cannot be integrated with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Zenoti cannot deliver robust audit log reports to verify the cashier action.
  • It does not hold an extensive manner of import/export of data and reporting.

Do not worry!! There is still hope.

Several Zenoti Salon management alternatives (paid and free) are there that have more fascinating features and can easily fulfill your requirements. Here are some of the best Alternative of Zenoti.

Best Zenoti alternatives

The cloud-based Salon software alternatives mentioned below are best to streamline your business operations. Particularly, they are known for managing the tasks effectively, gives values to your business, achieves excellent customer satisfaction rate and grow aggressively. So, without any further delay, have a look at the Zenoti’s alternatives for Salon management.


The leading software on our list is Salonist, a cloud-based Salon Management software, specifically, designed for Salons and Spas. Undoubtedly, it is a helping hand in engaging the salon customers effectively with its features. Surely, it is the best way to establish a strong web presence. Though, it does not only improves productivity but also has the ability to fulfill all your business desires in a personalized and smarter way.

Furthermore, this all-in-one software is bundled with the powerful and scalable features that can expand your business potential. Furthermore, Salonist provides features, like, Inventory management, appointment management, POS, Loyalty programs, Marketing, customer management, and multiple location management etc.

So far, this software has served in more than 45 countries and is trusted by 10,000 brands (small and large) incorporating some leading names, like, HeadMasters, Matrix, Brows and Beard, Vogue Salon, Jawed Habib, Flora Spa, and Empire. You can get a 14-days free trial with Salonist.

Thus, grow your sales, save your time, and extend your business with this versatile salon management software. Now, let’s find out how salonist is better than zenoti?

Salonist Vs Zenoti– Which one is better?

  • Salonist’s centralized inventory management system assures to deliver the services with 100% accuracy. Along, it keeps track of every Salon product (online and offline orders) seamlessly. With the audit reports, you can count the large stock count efficiently. But, Zenoti cannot manage the large inventory. The integrated scanner builds the audit process user-friendly, precise and secure. Precisely, keep your product’s in-depth knowledge with the consumed and wastage report that Salonist generates. Additionally, you can easily control the inventory of your Salon with timely alerts (SMS and email) from multiple locations comparative to Zenoti that does not hold the capability to manage the inventory from multiple locations. Assuredly, it displays the stock transfer, the quantity used and left, and the requested products.
  • When it is about customer management, Salonist wins. Basically, it keeps track of salon customer’s purchase and service history so that you can offer the services and personalized products accordingly for 100% customer satisfaction. On the other hand, Zenoti does not manage the customer’s history.
  • Salonist team is available 24X7 for customer support. It entertains the users in several ways of communication- online, SMS, email and phone calls are some of them. Whereas, Zenoti’s customers find it challenging to communicate when they have some queries from the online support system. Sometimes, they have to wait for a day to get their queries solved.
  • Salonist can be integrated with Facebook, Instagram and website (WordPress, Weebly, Wix) for the ease of the Salon customers. Precisely, they can book appointments in any possible way. Further, let them schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments. Conversely, Zenoti has not added this functionality to their software, and cannot be integrated with the social media channels.

Other Salonist features that are known for providing an excellent experience to users.

  • The customers can book appointments online as per the staff availability from this leading Salon booking software. Also, do not let customers wait for their turn and provide them with the service on their available time slot. Likewise, the salon customers can book the packages according to their requirements at the time of appointment. Additionally, users can accept payments at the time of booking from the easily accessible payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal, and authorize. net).
  • Give your customers the chance to earn loyalty points with the Salonist loyalty system. Thereby, build a strong relationship with customers and reward them with discount cards and gift vouchers in the form of SMS and emails.
  • Especially, Point of Sale is used for billing of your salon products, services, packages, etc. with the appropriate currency. In brief, it supports easily accessible payment gateways that help the Salon owners to retain their clients. Hence, POS system also helps to manage the reward points of salon customers at the time of billing.


It is a flexible, simple and robust Salon management software for your Salon business. And, it amalgamates all the features that convert your customers into leads and maintains your business wellness that makes Shedul the other alternative of Zenoti.

Main features

  • Customer management with advanced features, like customer appointments history, future bookings, booking preferences, and contact details
  • Schedule appointments effectively
  • Reduce no shows
  • Take care of Salon POS sales transactions, Receipts, invoicing and retails
  • Allow the customers to book online from facebook, websites or an online booking app.
  • Shedul keeps track of daily appointment schedules.


It is the leading scheduling and management software for your Salon software. Vagaro authorizes the customers to check and chooses the most suitable time to book their appointments 24X7. Practicing this, you can show your Salon’s special offers, promotions, trending styles and treatments and stylists. In addition, this management system also offers mobile websites and custom websites with a comparable email marketing template and gift cards.

Main features

  • Streamline your customers’ booking experience with different ways to schedule appointments from, the Vagaro app, Yelp, Facebook, a widget on your website, or your custom Vagaro website.
  • Vagaro’s inventory is adequate and smart. Next, track inventory, view trends and insights with convincing reports.
  • Send invoices in seconds in the form of email and SMS. Besides, allow your customers to pay from anywhere and at any time.
  • Notify your customers and reduce no shows.


It is a cloud-based management software that follows not just the scheduling strategy, its vision is more than that. However, Phorest integrates a built-in marketing suite with email and SMS marketing. Use it and enjoy the measures that this Salon management software provides. Phorest is also a best alternative of Zenoti

Main features

  • Adds the online booking widget to the website and social channels to prevent time wastage. Together with, the customers can view, re-book and edit the appointments.
  • Use Phorest, reduce no shows and improve re-bookings. Likewise, it supports automated reminders, confirmations, review requests, etc.
  • Maintain stock, staff, client information and POS from one cloud-based space.
  • An Intuitive appointment calendar for customer management and schedule your employees.


Grow your Salon business with a prominent online business management software solution. Indeed, mindbody provides the Salon and Spa centers with the necessary features to run their business effectively. Generally, it let the salon owners manage the staff schedule, schedule appointments, prevent no-shows and securely process payments.

Main features

  • Recurring payments for continuous revenue.
  • Mobile, versatile and real-time
  • Manage your schedule, clients and sales anytime and anywhere
  • Prevent no-shows
  • Expense and time tracking
  • Billing and invoicing

How to choose the best alternative of Zenoti?

As of now, you must have understood the aim that we tried to convey. But, before you choose the one and best alternative of Zenoti for your Salon, it is imperative to realize that there are other fundamental factors that you need to ask yourself before. Find out below:

  • Which software has the ability to meet your business requirements?
  • What are the criteria to choose an accurate and reliable salon management software?
  • And most importantly, where does the Zenoti lack?

We have outlined a list of essentialities that you should take into consideration to replace Zenoti:

  • Appointment management
  • Marketing
  • Loyalty points
  • Inventory management
  • Point of Sale
  • Employee management
  • Multi-location management
  • Effective customer support system
  • User-friendly and social media integrated

Concluding Remarks

Certainly, finding the right Salon Management software is imperative for your Salon growth. Particularly, the first and foremost thing is that you should be clear about your requirements. We have mentioned the best and leading Salon software as the alternative of Zenoti.

So, choose the one that fits in your business needs and run your Salon in the right direction. Enjoy the ride to success!

Hopefully, this article is helpful for you. Bring in your views in the comment section below. Queries and suggestions are welcome. Happy reading!!

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