How Sanagua Uses Salonist to build brand?

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Sanagua Spa

Sanagua Spa was founded in 2020, and its headquarter is in Lanzarote, Spain.   The company is a big name in the operation of Spain’s 4 and 5 hotel resort spas. The brand is committed to providing high-quality spa facilities and creating tailor-made spa treatments using natural, organic, and green cosmetics.  The professionals there believe in three fundamentals;  people, nature, and sharing. 

 Its sole aim is to restore inner peace by using pure products around the world without sacrificing appearance. The therapists at Sanagua have specifically designed exotic rituals around the world including scrubs, wraps, and massages considering the natural benefits.  The use of an exclusive formula confirms the highest effectiveness. They are found by their partner laboratory Phytomer & Phytoceane



Sanagua staff’s time was used for tasks like processing gift card sales and booking phone bookings. The company wanted to save this time to focus on a better customer experience.  They also want to allow customers to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments conveniently without waiting for the Salon to get open.

Sanagua desired to Increase salon customers loyalty, Increase brand identity and revenue by retaining the customers who have not booked with them for long.  They required an easy and smart solution that provided an exceptional experience for customers visiting them. Also, the brand wanted to manage Salon reports, appointments, gift cards,  inventory, billing, and memberships in one place.

manicure Sanagua


Sanagua has moved to become a Salonist member.  This Spa Management Software has not only helped the brand in online bookings, membership management, gift card processing, reporting. But, eventually, its regular usage results in an improvement in the customer volume. 

Salonist’s marketing functionality enables the Sanagua staff to send automated SMS campaigns and emails to existing or disinterested customers,  segmented according to their most recent appointment. 

The solution constitutes the features of booking availability, marketing, reward or loyalty system, report & analytics, inventory management, and Point of Sale to carry out activities and provide services at the right time to the right customers.

Salonist’s Online Booking has been fully optimized without additional manual input or tasks from front desk personnel.

 “Compared to spending in a different system for every department or adding a new business line, Salonist allowed us to build a business more effectively without compromising on quality”.
–Sanagua Owner


“This is more convenient for spa staff and clients. The phones are not ringing much now; the ways of booking appointments are eliminated to the max. Online means of scheduling appointments are much entertained now. The clients are easily booking by checking the staff’s availability and the convenient time slot.”
–Sanagua Owner

Before using Salonist, Sanagua was succeeding in making only 100 to 200 appointments daily, which is of course a smaller number. But, after including Salonist in their business, the appointments have exceeded 10 times- Surprising, Right? 

Now, the hassles of managing clients and carrying out other Salon chores at one time are eliminated. Salonist is itself doing it all!

 Salonist updates customers’ information and inventory through comprehensive membership updates, retail reports, and sales bills.

“Recognizing customers when they visit Spa centers, creating gift cards seems valuable to them”. 

The results the company has experienced with Salonist Spa and Salon Software are surprising. The brand has retained hundreds of customers and since then, secured many new ones in its pocket! 

“Now, we can launch campaigns to increase bookings on slow days, continue to inspire customers to return, and look for opportunities to cross-sell to those with future bookings-all without diverting the staff’s attention from the customers.”
–Sanagua Owner


From easy online booking and sales, inventory management, loyalty/reward points, employee and customer management to comprehensive centralized reports, Salonist assured convenience to staff and customers of this growing and dynamic beauty brand.