15 Marketing Strategies to Drive Your Beauty Business Success

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People’s lives are incomplete without the beauty industry, and similarly, customers are crucial for beauty businesses. Men and women worldwide are concerned about their looks, and beauty services are one way to maintain their appearance.

However, starting and running a beauty business are two different things. Because, no matter how good your beauty services are, the increase in customer inflow requires effort.

Here, the need for proper planning and implementation of salon marketing strategies occurs to ensure the success of the beauty business.

The recent facts and trends put it better:

As a result, the most crucial thing you can do to attract more customers is to stay unique and distinguish yourself from competing businesses.

15 Marketing Strategies to Achieve Beauty Business Success

Enlist Your Salon or Spa Business on the Online Directories

As a shopper, you would conduct internet research on a specific product or service before visiting a store to make a purchase. It also implies that if you own a company, it should show up in the search results.

And using a phonebook isn’t going to help you get as many clients these days. So, a modern marketing strategy that is currently effective for firms and that you can use as well is:

  1. Google My Business (GMB): It is critical to list the business on GMB for marketing and branding purposes.
  2. Facebook is another crucial directory to include your business in so that local and active users can find your beauty brand.
  3. Yelp: Customers utilize Yelp to research any beauty service provider before visiting them. As a result, listing your salon or spa brand can make it easier for people to find you.

Promote Seasonal Offers

Throughout the year, several holiday seasons and peak times occur when the individual count visiting salons increases. The requirements may differ, but the timing of customer inflow may be the same, necessitating the beauty business to be prepared.


During festivals and holiday seasons, you must provide exceptional prices and offers. It is one of the most efficient salon marketing strategies to Build Your Salon Clientele.

Additionally, it is critical to have a knowledgeable and skilled team to meet and direct the customer’s ever-changing demands, especially during the holiday rush. This is because providing excellent customer service enhances the likelihood of clients returning to your salon or spa in the future.

Beauty Business Promotions

Undoubtedly, everybody loves grabbing a good deal. Hence, if you have some reason to promote your goods or services, ensure you take advantage of them. This will not only drive new clientele to your brand but will also build customer loyalty. For instance, you can count on:

  • First-Time Welcome Discount – Offer a discounted rate to new clients on their first visit.

  • Last-Minute Offers – If there are free appointments during the day and any client requests for the service, you can provide them with a special discount.

  • Monthly Special Discounts – Each month, provide a discount on one specific service. It will assist you in attracting clients who are looking for that particular service.

Build Dedicated Business Site

These days, having an internet presence for a company is essential. The reason is the rising usage of the internet and the convenience of purchasing from anywhere at any time.

As a result, getting a beauty company website built is another marketing Strategies you can use. It will highlight the services provided by your company and allow customers to schedule appointments in advance. Thus, to make it simple for people to approach and engage the spa or salon’s beauty services.

Besides, the information provided on the website will help customers get a clear understanding of your offerings. It will include the service categories, discounts, deals, and other offers available on the website itself.

Furthermore, the content on the website will assist customers in gaining a comprehensive knowledge of your services. It will list the service categories, discounts, specials, and other offers.

Host an Event or Contests

Hosting an event or contest on your salon premises or social media accounts is a great tactic to gain a new customer base. You can reward the person who generates the most referrals for you with vouchers, discounts, or a free spa day.

Of course, you can also keep the gift or prize minimal by giving them a coupon to use on their next visit.

Promote Loyalty Programs

It’s challenging to retain clients for a long time. And if you do manage to do it, you must appreciate yourselves. You can reward your loyal customers with a free service, a gift certificate, or anything else that would demonstrate value.

A simple hairstyle, free product samples, and other similar things can work wonders. If you own a salon, loyalty programs might be ideal for increasing customer retention.

Build Business on Customer Feedbacks and Opinions

It’s critical to encourage consumers to review and rate your beauty salon’s services. People who check the ratings can learn about client satisfaction by gathering such information, helping them to choose the salon and services without hesitation.

Additionally, all of these reviews assist potential customers in determining the brand reputation and quality of services.

Create Email Newsletters

It would be beneficial to spend some time collecting customer emails. You can use it to send out emails informing them of what’s new at the salon. You can also include information about upcoming promotions or events. Furthermore, you can utilize email newsletters to send individual appointment reminders, adding a personalized touch to the service.

Offer Limited Free Trials

Yes, you can offer a limited number of free services to first-time clients. This way, the customers can explore and try out different services before deciding which ones they want to pay for.

The majority of the time, free trials turn one-time visitors into loyal customers.

Online Salon Appointment Booking Software

Working people who don’t have time to wait in lines for services would benefit from the online salon appointment booking software. In today’s fast-paced world, such software has become the new standard.

Salonist, for example, is an excellent piece of software that allows everything from scheduling online beauty services to making payments online and more.

24/7 Customer Service

The customer care helpline is critical for resolving any questions or issues that clients may have while receiving services. The need for customer service grows, even more, when beauty company service providers use applications or websites to drive customers.

As a result, having qualified customer service employees and other planning in place can help in building a stronger brand image.

Build Communication With Regular Clients

Having a list of regular customers, as well as their contact information, is essential. It will help you keep them up to date on the latest offers, upcoming promotions, and other important information.

You can send text alerts about the sale using SMS marketing Strategies. You can also use emails to update them about the latest special offers offered to loyal customers.

Overall, keeping in touch with consumers is critical for making them feel valued and special.

Add-On Beauty Business Services

Besides the regular services, it is always beneficial to offer consumers additional services that ask for increased fees. It could include anything from hairstyling to facials, hair coloring, and so on.

Promote Membership Plans

Providing membership plans similar to those offered by gyms is a great way to make beauty services more cost-effective for customers. Furthermore, it would encourage customers to use a salon’s services on a more regular basis.

Overall, one of the most popular and profitable beauty business advertising strategies is the membership plan.

Make Customer’s Wait Time Engaging and Entertaining

Using digital displays is a great way to engage the customers while they wait. It can be used to showcase the wait times, how long they have to wait, weather forecasts, or other useful information.

Besides, providing magazines, hair styling guides, and so on can be effective consumer engagement strategies. Customers will be less concerned about wait times, and the salon’s surroundings will become more convenient.

The Bottom Line

If you own a beauty business like a spa or hair salon, you must understand the significance of the internet in this digital era. Ensure that your online marketplace or business app runs smoothly for faster growth and commercial success. And providing an excellent customer experience is no exception.

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