Father’s Day Marketing Tips for Salon & Spa Business

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Father's Day

To make this Father’s Day a monetary success at your salon or spa, it’s all going to come down to your marketing efforts. You need to showcase to fathers and all their gift-seeking loved ones that your beauty salon is the perfect place for dad. 

Father’s Day represents an opportunity for your business to make a great summer surplus. Come out with amazing marketing tactics to help you and your client base as well. Give them the reason to shop for their lovely dads and earn a great amount of revenue for your salon this way. Your designed marketing tricks are only of use when customers are finding them fascinating. So, think thoughtfully to attract gift seekers. 

So, let’s get to it, here are some Father’s Day ideas to turn your salon or spa into a Father’s Day destination.

Marketing tips for a Fathers Day Occasion

#1. Father’s Day Marketing Tips: Spread the Word about Fathers Day Specials

Whatever efforts your salon and spa make to feel all dads happy are worthwhile only when your targeted audience is aware of that. Otherwise, you are putting in efforts only without any results. When you have prepared gift cards, gift bundles, or anything, understand half of your battle is done. 

Now it’s time to spread whatever efforts you have made. Let your audience know to make their dads feel special with your incredible gift cards as it is the latest salon marketing trend. Here are some of the ways just do that:

  • Email Marketing: Leverage the email marketing strategy as it is highly effective. You can quickly and effectively get in touch with your clients. Send your customer base an email letting them know that gift cards and gift bundles are available for your Father. In this way, you can help out your clients with many gift ideas which might be making them worried. Most importantly, this strategy works great for those who procrastinate purchasing gifts till the last minute.
  • Social Media: With the help of popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest share all related to Father’s days. Showcase your gift cards and gift bundles on all social channels so that they may reach those in need. Along with helping out your customers with gift ideas, this strategy maximizes your sales and revenue too. 

#2. Father’s Day Marketing Tips: Create and Sell Fathers Day Gift Cards

Well, these days gift cards are the best thing people prefer to gift as the receiver can use it in its own way. It is a salon marketing trend these days. Most importantly it’s good for those who want to gift but keep delaying purchasing because of having no idea what to gift. For those who procrastinate purchasing gifts till the last minute, gift cards are the best option.

As a salon spa manager, take this day of love as a golden opportunity to promote your beauty brand and enhance sales. Experts say 59% of people spend more than the actual value of gift cards. 

Help targeted audiences to make their dad feel special with your fascinating gift cards. Tell your customers that you are offering special gift cards. Let them know these are specially designed for father’s day, these are not generic. To get maximum sales, give a versatile touch to gift cards by investing quality time in their making.

Don’t forget to make them highly visible. Promoting them on your website, on your social media pages, and through your email marketing campaigns. 

#3. Father’s Day Marketing Tips: Gift Bundles 

Help out your customers from the hassle of searching for perfect gifts. As a salon manager, you very well know the purchasing history of customers. You know what exactly they want. Keeping that in view, bundle up some interesting stuff and turn the kit into a beautiful gift. Wrap them thoughtfully with a heart-touching message. Presentation is important, it matters a lot for gift-givers. 

This way you help out many customers especially your loyal clients by saving their time. They have a lot many things to arrange for their lovely dads. So this a bit that you can contribute to them. By implementing this strategy you perform multiple tasks together. This helps customers find the right gifts, enhances your brand name, sales, ROI, and revenue.

#4. Father’s Day Marketing Tips: Create Themed Packages

Promote your gift options by way of a dedicated Father’s Day email followed by social media reminders. Make it easy to purchase by creating product and service packages at price points for all budgets.

Name your packages such as:

  • Dapper Dad – a pedicure, manicure, and waxing.
  • Hello Mr. Smarty – a stress-relieving massage and pampering facial.
  • Dad’s Grooming Kit- A pocket-friendly kit, especially for kids to show some love to their dads. Display inexpensive retail gifts for dads on your salon reception desk to grab visitor’s attention.

#5. Father’s Day Marketing Tips: Bounce-Back Marketing

Prepare a list of some exciting bounce-back marketing ideas for this lovely day and enjoy a greater number of sales. 

Following are some effective tactics:

  • pre-booked appointments up to 20% off made that day.
  • 20% off on men’s retail purchases.
  • 50% for free: Book a 60-minute spa and get 30 minutes additional for free. 
  • 20% off on men’s manicure and pedicure services. 

The above mentioned are some instances, you can prepare the list in your own way that sounds profitable to you. Do follow this is one of the latest salon marketing trends.

#6. Father’s Day Marketing Tips: Retail Signage

Don’t forget to promote over offline platforms. Remember online promotion is a must but whatever you are promoting online should be communicated in-salon too. Your salon has so much space to advertise. Use your salon walls as they are free advertising spaces. Display eye-catching Father’s Day window graphics, posters, and pamphlets throughout the salon.

Create prominent Father’s Day retail displays. Label and merchandise Father’s Day gifts for easy and quick selection. 

#7. Father’s Day Marketing Tips: Get Women Involved

Women are the first buyer of Father’s Day gifts so target them and mention Father’s Day whenever clients visit your salon or spa. 

Remember don’t just run Father’s Day promotions on 19th June, start running them for a week or longer. Consider giving incentives to female clients to tempt them to spend at your salon. You can offer discounts such as a discount off men’s treatments when she spends on facials or retail products for herself.

This is an effective trick to take advantage of this day and to earn as much as you can. Additionally, this trick proves to be best to market and promote your beauty salon to new clients. So, make sure to make full efforts to win the hearts and minds of new clients.

#8. Father’s Day Marketing Tips: Conceptualize a Theme

Promotion initiates with a concept like a photographic image, a catchy message, and a headline. Fathers day specials should focus only on pampering dad. Relieving spa, massages, shaves, brow treatments, back waxes, manicures, etc, give dad a little pampering he wouldn’t have given himself. 

Pick a promotional theme that you want your salon business to portray for Father’s Day. Carry this theme across all your online and offline salon marketing channels and see the results. You will surely get good responses from this well-known salon marketing trend. 


Well, you might or may not be earning good sales for your salon but there are many golden opportunities you should always grab to increase your cash flow. Fathers days, mothers days, or women’s day are some occasions of which you can take advantage to maximize your stepping visitors 

Father’s Day is a prime opportunity to get more guys through your door. Take a look at the above-stated few ideas to grow your business this Father’s Day. Create fascinating gift cards, gift bundles to help out the gift-givers. Put your thoughts into presenting gifts, wrap them beautifully to grab people’s attention. Use your in-house website, social media accounts to maximize the number of sales. Reach your targeted audiences to promote your sales.

We have made full efforts to search out the best marketing tips for your salon and spa. Hopefully, it works great for you on this special eve like fathers day.

Drop your opinions in the comment section below. You can also let us know which strategies you were already using. Queries and suggestions are most welcomed! 

Thanks for sharing your precious time with us!