Streamline Your Online Appointment Booking With Service Groups

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Online Appointment-Booking With Service Groups

Do you know what is the worst nightmare for the Salon administrators? It is nothing but- finding the clients are preferring the wrong services!! Indeed, this can under shadow the Online Appointment Booking.

But, not to worry!

Salonist’s service groups are here to save you. You can use the most used paired services and treatments together, which makes it more comfortable for the customers and yes, saves most of the time on the phone.

First & foremost; what is the service group?

The service group is nothing but a group of generally aligned services which are not booked by the website. Below there are some examples of exceptional service groups:

  • Eyelash lift and tint
  • Eyebrow wax and tint
  • Deep conditioning treatment and blowdry
  • Toner, Half head foils, hair-cut, and blow-dry
  • Fat Cavitation and Skin tightening
  • Bikini line, ¾ leg and underarm wax

#Creating Service Groups

Creating service groups hardly takes less time; find out below the major steps:

  • After logging in the Salonist account, select the “+Add” tab.
  • Choose “Services” and “Add group”.
  • After that choose “Add service” and fill all the necessary details of the service groups, such as name, description, and price.
  • If you want to show this service in your Online Appointment Booking page, select the box alongside “Should Visible for Online Appointment?”.
  • For including more services in the service group, choose “Add service” and then, select the “Group”, name, description and price again for integrating it into the group.
  • Later, you must update the price and duration. Also, add the processing time and padding time wherever it is required.
  • And, when you are done with all this, select the “Save” button.
  • The process is completed, now!!
Create Service Group

#Reason For Choosing Service Groups For Money Making

While setting up the service group, the one thing that is prevalent is that the services can be booked with only a click, instead of including them differently to an appointment.

Making the service groups for every paired treatment or service saves a lot of time every day while scheduling the customer’s appointment. There is also a perfect way to upsell to the customers promptly.

Salonist Quote

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#How Are Service Groups Better For The Customers?

With the availability of the service groups for the customers eradicates the need of the guesswork outside booking online. It assures that the customers are true, booking the correct service altogether.

Note: The Salonist customers who are using the service groups are delighted with its exceptional elements. It makes everything easier and accessible and introduces online appointment booking to the customers. This is beneficial for every business, generally, those who are new to online appointment booking.

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#How To Leverage The Service Groups

When you are not sure about using the service groups and do not know where to initiate. Then, we advise you to look at the appointments the customers are booking and what services they possess.

Here, you will find that there are several services that are usually booked collectively. Hence, you can build up the service group according to those.

Or, you possess the service groups and work, perfect for you then, the online appointment booking can be simplified by setting up the individual services not by booking online. To implement this, amend the individual service and then, untick “This service can be booked online”. This also is the best idea to check out the categories to assure that the service groups are inlined in the right and the

It is also a great impression to check the category to ensure that the service group is in the correct and most prominent category so that the customers can book online easily.

Add Groups

Note: When you have built the online booking transformation, then, go live on Instagram or Facebook to let the clients know that you have updated the online booking to make it quicker and easier. Also, you can post the photos or videos, share the screen to make them know how it appears, and what they have to do to schedule the appointment they need.

Wrapping Up

As of now, we hope that you have grasped what we have tried to. Implement the service groups and make it easy for the customers to book online appointments with you easily.

In case, you have any doubts or suggestions then, let us know in the comment section below or contact us!!

Thanks for reading!!