6 Features Of Tattoo Studio Management Software

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Tattoo Studio Management Software

Nowadays, the craze for tattoos has been immeasurable since 2002.

Undoubtedly, tattoo-related businesses and tattoo artists have a bright future. Owning a tattoo business is an easy task, but running it is not!!

There are a lot of hassles that business owners have to go through daily. Despite serving customers, there are other features, such as billing and invoicing, scheduling appointments, maintaining a track of deposits from clients, and the list is endless.

Managing everything to the best of your ability is a complicated task. Many tattoo shop owners are leveraging tattoo management software to streamline their daily operations. The software in the market is advantageous for tattoo-based businesses, and it is helpful in running the business smoothly.

What is Tattoo Studio Management Software?

From the management software, the tattoo shop owners can store customer information in the database. The software uses the notification system to send emails and SMS to the customers to notify them regarding upcoming appointments, pending payments, etc. This way, the chances of no-shows and last minute bookings are eliminated.

In addition, with the Tattoo Studio Software, you can maintain the information of every customer, like, the color and type of tattoo, etc. This is how the chances of confusion eradicate.

The management software lessens more of the manual way, and accordingly, you can focus more on other essential tasks. The software allows you to schedule the appointments, manage the bookings, maintain the record of every visitor, send notifications (via email and SMS) to the customers, and manage deposits, etc. The Tattoo Studio Management Software is fully-featured and makes the experience more convenient for tattoo shop owners and for their customers.

Find out the statistics that reveal why tattoos are socially accepted all over the world.

  • Approximately, 36% of US citizens age 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo.
  • The market research company IBISWorld has shown that the tattoo industry produces an approximate revenue of $1.6 billion.
  • It is estimated that this industry will grow by 8% annually in the next ten years.
  • Approximately, in the US, the tattoo artists make $49, 520 each year.a
  • Almost 45 million users (21%) in America have more than one tattoo.
  • The age group of 30 to 39 with 35% in the United Kingdom has tattoos.
  • In the United States, the age group of 50 to 64 years old with 11% has tattoos.
  • 13% of women and 15% of men have tattoos in the United States.
  • The tattoos are more common in the higher levels of education (32%) contrasted to those with lower education levels (26%).

How Tattoo Studio Management Software is beneficial?

#1. Provide an exceptional customer experience

The software assists you in providing an outstanding experience for all your customers. From scheduling appointments to follow-ups and marketing, the management tool ensures that each moment is beautiful and seamless.

#2. Saves time and simplify the customer forms

From the tattoo Studio Management software, you can streamline the business with the consult and customizable forms. The software enables you to create your own templates. It helps you get more tattoo clients & builds new customer records automatically, and updates the existing ones. Also, it keeps customer information safe, private, and updated.

#3. Engage more customers with ease

The management software promotes your artistic business efficiently and effectively with the notification system.

#4. Find out the performance

The guesswork can be removed from your business now with customizable reports and real-time dashboards. Know how the business is performing and improve accordingly.

Top-notch features of Tattoo Studio Management Software

#1. Appointment Management

Experiencing much of a rush at your tattoo studio is good from a business perspective, but this gives a lot of headaches as well. The full seats make it tough to manage everything perfectly. But, with Tattoo studio management software, you can handle it like a pro.

Allow your potential customers to schedule, reschedule, or cancel the appointments conveniently. This feature of tattoo studio management allows you to know which staff member has free time slots so that you schedule multiple appointments at one time. Hence, you can carry out a productive task and save you valuable time.

#2. Point of Sale (POS)

With the Point of Sale, you can improve your studio sales productivity and boost customer volume. Allow this compelling feature to stock the inventory, track the service sale, and send out the reminders when the stock runs low.

The POS transaction happens when the customer makes the payment for the products and services or buying from your tattoo studio. The best part is that it supports several reliable payment methods. Accordingly, the customers can pay through the gateway they find easy to access.

Also, from the point of Sale, you can carry out several transactions in bulk, satisfy your customers, and bring in more business opportunities.

#3. SMS Campaigns

Marketing or promoting your Artistic business is a must to get more customers, to increase your sales and of course, to thrive. Hence, there is a need that you promote your business with effective and productive strategies.

Even though there are many ways following which you can consume more customers, but from all, SMS campaigns are the best ones. Use them to remind your customers about their pending payments, upcoming appointments, etc. From this system, you can send your customers the exciting offers, discounts to retain the existing ones, and engage the new ones.

#4. Marketing

Allow this software to monitor all of your marketing efforts of your tattoo shop owners so that you can change your business strategies. It is considered as the business and customer-specific way to secure future business.

The Tattoo studio management software shows insight into your business performance in the form of reports and analytics. Right after analyzing the output, you can outline the goals again to strengthen the base. There are many marketing ways that are known for providing impeccable benefits; Coupon management, feedback system, gift cards, loyalty system to name a few.

#5. Customer Management

Imagine if you will not have customers then, how you will sustain. You need to believe that- customers are the basis for your tattoo shop owners’ success. They can make or break your business. Hence, keeping them satisfied is desirable.

Interact regularly with them. Plan consulting questions know whether they are pleased with the services or not. If they are not, then you have to make a change.

What you can do is that- you can review their purchasing history and know what services they like and which products they bought more. Keeping that in mind, you can improve your selling patterns and amplify the customer satisfaction rate. In addition, you can provide them discounts and offers to delight them and to make them stay with you for long.

#6. Employee Management

Use Tattoo studio management software to fully manage your employees. With just a few clicks, you can supervise them to handle customers.

The management software helps you manage multiple employees for business operations and therefore, largely eliminate manual labor. Besides, you can get detailed information about employees and their performance. Also, you can find out their payments, release them, and can compensate based on their performance.

Concluding Remarks

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