Tips To Build Your Marketing Muscle

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Marketing Muscle

With the evolution of technologies, the marketing landscape is changing!!

Most of the businesses lag behind because they do not update their marketing strategies from time to time. Every business should prioritize this act of responsibility to deliver the best to the customers. The job is not restricted to the marketing department only; the overall organization is accountable for this.

What according to you are the key points that make the business thrive?

Give us the privilege to answer this. The powerful marketing muscles are the ones!!

You got me right!!

So, a Salonist is here, again with the best tips that help your business to Build Your Marketing Muscle, stand out in the market and to make the customers more engaged with your business when the other doors are closed.

Here are the Tips To Build Your Marketing Muscle:

Tips To Build Your Marketing Muscle

#1. Acknowledge feedback

Reviews or feedback are essential to know what customers feel about your deliverables. Asking feedback can do wonders to improve your market value. The negative reviews help you to know those strategies that are responsible to let your brand down whereas the positive reviews can help you to gain new customers and retain the previous ones.

The customers can put on their reviews on your business website, your social media handles, or on search engines. Some may find this a time-consuming task, it is true in a number of cases. Hence, a Salonist is here to help!!

You can ask a large percentage of customers to review the SMS campaigns (the VIP customers can also participate). Else, you can arrange the automated review messages to get the follow-ups from the customer after an appointment. Certainly, in any way, a Salonist makes it seamless for the customer to give a review with the link that they have to open to do the needful. This is the best point to Build Your Marketing Muscle.


  • Assure that the Google listing is up to date. The reason behind this fact is that whenever eminent customers visit your business website; the mentioned information has to be exact.
  • Do not forget to pause the automated messages when you have made some changes and set up. So that the customers cannot get annoyed with the messages when you are closed.

#2. Set up your online booking

Online booking is one of the prominent things in any business. Assure that all your all things related to the booking are visible such as the “Book Now” button. Ask yourself the questions:

  • Is everyone able to see everything?
  • Does it stand out on the social pages and websites?
  • Is the online booking screen match with the brand?
  • Is your business professional enough?

If all these mentioned things are not fulfilled, then, this can be done easily by customizing the online bookings. The statistics say that more than 51% of the bookings are made outside the opening hours.

Nowadays, customers prefer to schedule bookings online with the new Salon as per their convenience. Salonist incorporate the online booking option that anyone can customize according to their requirements.

#3. Use SMS campaigns to keep customers coming back

Salonist bulk SMS rates are less than other Salon management software in the market. Hence, without any bother about the budget, you can send a large number of messages to the customers. You can also choose only the target customers to whom you want to send the SMS.

With the SMS campaigns, you can show your customers that you are re-open. And tell them they can schedule their appointments prior and get entertained on a priority basis. Other than that, you can send the message to the VIP customers to show them you are thinking about them and cannot wait to give them service when you are re-open.

Why not enhance the customer retention rate and send the SMS to all the customers without any future appointments or to the customer to whom you have not heard from long?

Use Salonist SMS campaigns, that includes a lot of filters that allow you to target an appropriate group of customers to send the SMS. These campaigns enable you to know the customer’s details, their regular treatment with you, the specific location, which staff member has attended the customer earlier and all the time and date details

Note: Our advice here is to customize the SMS campaigns so that every bit of interaction with the customers strengthens your business and establishes business visibility.

#4. Retain your customers with social media

The best way to retain your customers is to get social with them. Engage them and insist on them that you are here to give the best of your efforts. Provide them the support they might require and share the retail product recommendation and if your region allows, then sell them online.

Leverage the online tutorials and videos and acknowledge your customers about the feelings you have for them. Also, you can show the product videos your Salon has launched recently and guided them about using the same.

You can also use the Instagram and Facebook social media handles to show the new offers and discounts your business is offering. Make the most from the social media platform to get connected with potential customers and assure them you valued them.

#5. Leverage the follow-up messages

Use the follow-up messages to offer the best and satisfying customer experience and therefore, uplift the brand image. Sending the “Thank You” messages to the new customers for the visit with the essential guidelines to take care of the skin is a very influential way to engage them. It is the best method to show them that you can do all the extra work to give the best experience.


  • If you have more information to include in the aftercare messages, then you can include the fundamental aftercare direction on your Salon website. Then, you only have to link that page to your follow up messages to see the magic.
  • Do not forget to pause the automated messages when you have made some changes and set up. So that the customers cannot get annoyed with the messages when you are closed.

#6. Amaze and please the customers with an automated anniversary or birthday messages

There are many ways a Salonist can give you to catch the customers. It is only you; who have to implement it. So, make the customer delighted either on their anniversaries or birthdays by sending a pleasant SMS with some distinctive offer or some coupon code. These days are meant to make the person feel special. This is all you have to do to Build Your Marketing Muscle.

Surely, you will find the best results and accordingly, establish a stronger relationship with them. It, indeed will boost your bookings and helps retain the customer to a higher level.

#7. Follow the best customer strategy for the leading Salon coaches

You must have lost a lot of customers because of all the redundant mistakes. As a business owner, you have to be prepared to give the best services to the customers. If not, then, results are known to you.

If your online booking system is not exact and you are not updated with the new services then of course, you can notice a downfall. The customers will prefer to move to the Salon that is providing the service that they have been looking for.

Do not worry!! The time is in your hands even now. You can gear up your efforts. The only thing that you have to do is to start using automated rebooking reminders.

Consider the below case:

When the average number of the week in the bookings is 5 weeks for most of the customers then you can set-up the automated rebooking message in the form below. Do not forget to include the online booking link in every SMS.

  • 4 weeks after the last appointment

Sending a reminder to the customers that have skipped their appointment and forget to rebook or have not booked with you for some other reason.

  • 8 weeks after the last appointment

When your customer has not rebooked with you even after 4 weeks then there is the only reason that they have started visiting some other Salon.

Not an issue, you can send them another reminder of rebooking; but this message has to be a compelling one. Include some discounts or offers to crack the deal and to retain them.

  • 12 weeks after the last appointment

Even if now, they are not rebooking then either they are not in the town, they have moved to some other Salon or are not likely to visit you for some other reason. At this point in time, you can send them the final offer and send them some goodies.

Note: Do not forget to pause the automated messages when you have made some changes and set up. So that the customers cannot get annoyed with the messages when you are closed.

#8. Give rewards to potential customers

What else Salonist has in its pocket- the reward points or the loyalty programs. These are also one of the best and easy-to-use ways to retain customers. It makes the customer come back to your Salon to know what you are providing or offering.

The reward points are particularly the point-based system that converts customers spending in rewards vouchers to either the services they are taking or the products they are buying. It’s totally their choice. Offer the rewards now and let them know about this with the SMS campaigns.

Over to You!!

Keeping up your business with the latest marketing strategies is a must to make your brand shine. Undeniably, most businesses overlook this. Because they consider that changing marketing strategies can affect their business results. Yes, it affects me!! But, in a positive way!!

There is no fun in sticking to one thing for a long time. Your customers are liking it, trust us!! Don’t you want to increase the footfall to your Salon? Don’t you have the urge to be on the top?

If yes, then follow the tips mentioned in this article to build your marketing muscles. We assure you that these are worth the time and effort.

We hope you will get beneficial results with these tips to Tips To Build Your Marketing Muscle. If you have any doubt related then, shoot a comment in the comment section below. Or, if there are some experiences that you want to share with us, then do that as well. We are happy to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!!

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