Unique Ways To Market Your Salon During Holidays

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Market your salon during holidays

The holidays are a time of great celebration and joy, so it’s no wonder that people want to look their best. You have your family get-together or you’re planning out what to do with all the extra time on your hands. Also, you wonder about all the people who are counting on you for a good experience. 

The holiday season is an exciting time for most business owners, especially for beauty businesses like salons. No doubt, it comes with plenty of opportunities to attract new customers and get more business. However, I believe the main problem beauty businesses face is that they are completely packed during the holidays and unable to attend to all the waiting guests. 

With so many appointments booked, it’s important to make sure that your customers are getting the best possible service. But how to do so is the question. 

Luckily, there are multiple ways that you can implement to turn marketing opportunities into sales during the holiday season. 

Here’s how!!

8 Ways To Market Your Salon During Holidays

#1. Holiday Discounts Are The Way To Go!

The only way to attract people is to vibe with their holiday spirit, and what could be a better way to do it than showering your clients with discounts. This is the best way to Market Your Salon During Holidays.

Offer special packages for any events during the holidays in your calendar. Create holiday-themed packages or promotions that complement your services while still being affordable. Make sure that these deals are clearly marked on the website or when making appointments — otherwise, people may not realize what they’re missing out on!

Also, you can consider offering free coffee or donuts with any regular haircut purchase (or even just a regular cut). This will give customers something extra to talk about at their next appointment and make them feel good about their visit!

#2. Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to advertise and promote your salon. You can use Facebook or Twitter to promote promotions, special events, or giveaways that you have going on at your salon. You can even post pictures on Instagram and post about how much you enjoy working with certain clients. This will provide more exposure for your salon and make people want to come in and see what kind of service they can get from you!

Be it Christmas, fall, or summer, revamp your salon’s aesthetic for the holidays. When your clients’ social media accounts are flooded with pictures of your salon, other people will be forced to ask where they were – hence, marketing you.

#3. Time To Launch Loyalty Campaigns

Now that you have enough foot traffic coming in, it’s time to ensure this keeps on the whole year round. People are more likely to buy loyalty cards when they are in the spa-all-year mood. Salonist’s reward point feature assists you to create loyalty cards online and also helps you to find loyal clients at your salon.

#4. Free Manicure With The Gift Card!

When everyone is buying holiday gifts for their loved ones, make an offer they can’t reject. People are more likely to buy a gift card which gives them a benefit too.

#5. Host Parties To Celebrate The Season

Holidays are a time to celebrate. Don’t just depend on your local events; hold parties to attract influencers and locals to market you on social media via their selfies and snaps.

The best marketing you can do is by getting yourself into the holiday spirit and letting your authentic self show through.

#6. A Free Blow-Out On The First Day Of Summer

Hold on! Don’t think we are sending your business to a loss. Your one free blow-out ensures that potential customers that weren’t paying attention before, are familiarized with your services, and will be coming back soon.

#7. Install A Selfie Station in the Salon

When visiting a salon, nothing more than a photo session can beat the salon experience for the customers. They will feel more special and stunning during the holidays when they can capture the before and after looks. So, simply set up a holiday-themed selfie counter to enable guests to enjoy their salon visit by clicking their pictures. Also, encourage them to share the same on their social media profile mentioning your brand. 

Consider offering free gifts or services by randomly picking from the customers who tagged their pictures. 

Integrate Salonist Software for Improved Salon Efficiency

Salonist software comes with a wide range of features and functionalities to ease the execution of everyday chores and improve customer experience. Luckily, it is ideal for the holiday season as well. Its SMS marketing capability would be effective in sending the clients information on upcoming sales. Even customers can book their visits online and wait at their convenience. This will save them time and from the hassles of waiting physically in the salon. Plus the SMS marketing feature can be used to send them alerts about when it’s their turn. 

Furthermore, Salonist software assures sprucing up the customer experience in unimaginable ways. So, don’t you think it is the best way to handle salon bookings and everyday chores during the festive season? 


The holiday season is the best time of year to promote your salon. During this time, people like me have more money than usual and are also looking for ways to save money. I also believe this is a great time to bring a new client in, as they may not be able to afford your services during the rest of the year. But they can now afford it during the holidays. So, simply use these tips and effectively market your salon during the holidays. Thus, attracting huge clientele and increasing sales. 

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