How Salon Analytics help to grow your business?

POSTED BY Sophie Jobs

Reporting & Analytics For Salons Growth

Are you aware of the term “Salon Analytics”?

If you are a salon owner, you must be familiar with this term.

For the overall growth of your salon business, salon analytics plays a major role. It lets you know about every titbit of your salon. How your business is flourishing day by day, what customers are liking, disliking the most, staff performance, etc can be easily evaluated by salon reports. 

It’s not easy to meticulously examine the functioning of every aspect of your business manually. But with salon management software, this time-consuming analysis process just happens so quickly. And you can easily get weekly, monthly and yearly reports on your salon.

The reports act as an advisory body to advise and enlighten you, where you need to make improvements. 

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Without taking any pain you can get insights into every aspect of your salon. 

Well, let’s move further to know how salon analytics helps salons to grow.

How Salon Analytics Contribute to Uplifting Your Business?

#1. Pinpoints to the area of improvement 

The best part of analytical reports is, it clearly underlines where you are rocking and where you are lagging behind. Never miss a chance to know how you can improve day by day. 

Be it analytical reports or customer reviews, never miss the opportunity to learn how you can make your beauty salon better every day. 

Customer opinions are also a great source to know areas of improvement because it’s they who experience your services. So they can better guide you. 

So, always ask customers to leave feedback by asking a few questions like how we can improve ourselves more etc. Frame such questions in the feedback form.

#2. Performance report

As a salon owner, you are overburdened with multiple tasks and tight schedules. You are the actual caretaker and keep taking stress every single hour in finding ways to make your business stand out. So you are hardly left with time to keenly evaluate each and every aspect of your salon. 

If we talk about salon employees’ performance. It is difficult to constantly keep a check on their work. Most importantly, owners do not have much time to keep a check on every individual. With this report, you can Encourage Salon Staff & Drive Results.

But with the help of salon analytics, they don’t have to take the pain. Reports automatically record their day-to-day performance and let the owner know which employee needs to be rewarded for exceptionally good work. Based on these reports, you can set incentives, gifts, and promotions for your employees.

If any employee needs training the same can be provided as well. 

#3. Inventory stock reports 

Reports based on inventory briefs you, which product is the most purchased. Gives you crystal clear insights into all your transactions. Therefore, there is no chance of fraud and forgery. 

You can get an idea, which stock is lying as dead stock and then stop wasting money on its purchase. Inventory reports are important to monitor the most expensive asset of your business.

These reports simply summarise the retail products in stock for sale, the most selling products, profits gain, all transactions etc. 

#4. Give you insights into Cash Flow

It’s important to keep accountability of your monetary value. Every business has so many expenses to manage. So, how much revenue and profits you are making through your salon business, needs to be evaluated.

It briefs you regarding your salon expenditure. If Salon expenses are above high, you can check what is costing you much and can compensate expenses accordingly. 

#5. Let’s you know about the profitable products

Having an idea of what products are most liked by customers and whatnot, is important to know. This way, you can save a huge sum, you will invest only in those products which are purchased more by customers. 

Accordingly, you will bar yourself to buy those products that are only lying on your shelf space like dead stock. 


Well, if something can show you the true mirror nothing could be better than this. Keep the courage to face it instead of neglecting and escaping from it.  

Salon analytics also works as a mirror that shows you where your beauty business stands in the market. It gives you an idea of whether you are growing or standing like stagnant water. It enables you to compare your progress from the previous day, previous week, month, and year.

If you want to grow in the true sense and rank higher in the beauty market, salon analytics is your saviour. Adopt salon management software and get deep insights into the functioning of your salon. 

Hopefully, our write-up will help you in solving all your queries. Do share your opinions in the comments. 

Thank you for your time!