How to Increase Gift Card Sales in Salon 

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There are various marketing strategies beauty salons practice to market their business and selling gift cards is one among them. It is also one of the most reliable ways to generate profits, growth, and revenue for your salon. 

 The best part is along with yielding high sales and revenue rates, it excites your customers as well. The pretty fancy cards seem attractive and fascinating to customers, other than this it introduces your salon brand to many new customers as well.

Do you know gift cards double your sales and profits? Let us explain how? When someone purchases gift cards to gift it to somebody, one who purchases and the one who receives both generates sales for you. 

Gift cards play a crucial role in boosting your salon productivity. You only need to know the right ways to use this tactic. 

Well, you don’t need to worry, we are here to help you out with the most effective tips to boost your gift card sales.

Effective ways to boost your gift card sales

#1. Design them attractively to grab customers attention

grab customers attention

The first thought while thinking of gift cards is like something very fancy, attractive card. The well-known salons give the privilege of gift cards to their customers. So if your card seems informal or less attractive, it puts off customers. 

Most importantly, many customers buy it to gift it to their loved ones instead of sending gifts. So, they expect a lot that the look and feel of the gift cards should be classy. 

Unattractive cards reveal your salon brand identity. The color, font, material whatever you choose to design your card makes a lot of sense. You can’t take these elements for granted. It’s important to invest time in the outlook of your salon gift cards as it drives a good amount of sales to you. 

#2. Market Your offer wisely

You need to be very cautious while promoting your offer. A gift card should look like a gift not like a sign of trade. Whatever text or messages you will use, it should sound more like sending gifts. The colors and font used must give a professional look and reflect your brand identity. 

Following are some instances of how your text on salon gift cards should look like:

  • “A gift of love and happiness”
  • “A gesture of concern”
  • “Pamper yourself because you’re special and unique”
  • “Enjoy your special occasion”
  • “Add some fun with some crazy shopping of your own choice”

Promote only after giving an appealing outlook to your card as it leaves a strong impression on the buyer. Take time, plan how to design then work on it. After creating a full-fledged card, market it on social media platforms to reach your potential prospects. 

Attach them in e-mail threads and forward them to all your existing clients. You can also display them in your salon so that any customer doesn’t fail to catch a glimpse of your best offers!

#3. Let the entire customer base know that you sell gift cards

Display your gift cards in the salon and ask your staff to gently tell your customers that on purchasing gift cards there are immense offers. Use Social media platforms to advertise your salon and smartly tell that you sell Gift cards. Start sending emails to all your customers with the content focused around that you sell the Gift Cards. 

Offer incentives for the purchase and do not discount and sell for a lower price such as “An $899 gift card for $599.” Instead, offer a Separate $200 or $300 service with appropriate disclaimers in addition to the gift cards.

#4.Drive a holiday promotion to Increase gift card sales

Some extra incentives can be offered to the customers on purchasing a gift card. Send your target customers a holiday-themed message wherein you can ask them to purchase the gift cards which can be redeemed at some restaurants. 

You can draw the attention of the customers to your promotional items and sell them gift cards along with those items and services. Make your Gift cards limited and fix an expiry date so the customers by seeing the limitation will get more attracted towards the offers made behind the Gift Cards.

#5. Leverage your website to sell your gift cards 

Selling gift cards locally perhaps attracts only your customers. No person will get into your salon just to hear the offers on purchasing the gift cards. But selling the gift vouchers on your website can increase exposure and probably more people can get attracted to the gift cards. 

Traditional Gift cards require the buyer to visit your salon and its delivery will also take some time. On selling gift cards online, all the exercises can be skipped and the buyer directly can purchase and get the e-gift card immediately. In today’s busy life the clients get more attracted to online purchases.


Well, offering gift cards is the best way to enhance the productivity and visibility of your salon. It proves to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. Leverage it as much as you can to boost your revenue rate. 

But as a salon manager, you must know the right ways to increase gift card sales in salons. You must learn how to create an appealing card look. The colors and fonts used to hold a great value, perform deep research before crafting your gift card. All these components hold their own value, which you have to consider while making your gift cards. 

We have made full efforts to make our readers learn regarding the same. Hopefully, you understood what we meant to make you learn. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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