Why Are Your Salon Customers Leaving You? 6 Possible Reasons

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Salon Customers Leaving

Are you wondering why you are losing your salon customers? Be prepared to be amazed!

Sometimes, it’s not easy to understand why your potential customers walk away from your salon. What’s the matter? Do they move quietly?

I research it thoroughly and try to put myself in the customers’ shoes. According to me, when there is no salon customer satisfaction, there are chances that clients get frustrated and leave. 

In fact, there are many reasonable explanations for why you are losing your salon customers. Read on our blog to learn about them. 

6 Reasons Customers Decide To Leave Your Salon

#1. You Don’t Engage Your Customers

Customer communication is the first key! When your clients leave your door and never come back, basically, it means you are making them feel “you do not care about their needs”. So, make sure you lock in the next appointment with them using a salon booking system, i.e., Salonist before they leave your place. 

After some weeks of your salon customer’s visit, send them a gentle reminder through email to schedule an appointment again. Additionally, you must have a conversation with clients via social media and suggest effective products and care tips to maintain their skin and hair quality.

Furthermore, engage your salon customers in “giveaways”. Use different beauty products or give gift cards. You should even update them on your new beauty brand reviews to let them know what is in style. When your regular clients are engaged and provided care, they will definitely become loyal to you.

#2. Your Customers Can’t Schedule Online Appointments

As new technologies develop, the digital era is evolving. In today’s world, every salon customer wants everything online. Why do they have to go for the phone call option to schedule an appointment? 

Ensuring the availability of online appointment booking in the salon can ease the appointment process. Customers can easily book any time slot at their convenience. Eliminating the chances of waiting in a queue for hours can surely assure you that they will never leave your salon. 

Moreover, always keep in mind that salon marketing also plays a significant role in facilitating online appointment booking. Everyone wants to go through your products and services before visiting the salon. Creating an online portfolio on social media platforms can ease the process of finding you. 

#3. Your Customers Don’t Feel Special

Do you delay answering the calls? Do you text or communicate on the phone while assisting the clients? Are you often involved in conversation with your staff instead of paying attention to your customer’s needs?

If you are less attentive and do not satisfy your salon customers, the possibilities are walking off your salon. So, be mindful of the quality of time and engagement you are providing to each client. Make them feel special by sending automated appointment confirmation messages, booking reminders, and thank-you notes.

Additionally, offer loyalty programs to maintain a loyal customer base. Offering special discounts and gifts can help you retain them and assure re-visits. 

#4. You Fail To Fulfill The Promise

There can be nothing disappointing when you fail to meet salon customer satisfaction. It is one of the huge mistakes you, as a salon owner, might be making. 

Be it the quality or services of your product, delivery timings, or return policy, it should be your responsibility to fulfill your promises to customers. Doing so can build trust in you among your potential clients. 

Take into account that if you can’t keep up your commitments and break trust, you are going to lose your customers. 

#5. You Don’t Take Negative Feedback Seriously

Keep in mind that your dissatisfied customers are always your best source of learning. If you’re sensible enough to consider the negative feedback from your clients with the right attitude, you will certainly see growth in your salon business

Remember that “your loyal clients are the only ones your well-wishers. If they are not pleased with your beauty brand and complain about your products or services, it clearly shows your salon needs improvements. So why not take this into consideration and use it for your benefit?

#6. You Don’t Offer Multi-Channel Support

Do you use any of the service channels for effective customer support? E-mails and phone calls are frequently used by clients to reach the salon. 

But many customers prefer to approach salons through more convenient service channels Live chat support, social media networks, online forms, and SMS are among them. When you are not able to offer these convenient options to clients, it will probably disappoint a small proportion of your salon’s client base.

Bottom Line

If any of these explained reasons behind losing customers apply to you, I would suggest you take it as a wake-up call. The best client service begins when you go beyond expectations. Loyalty exists when customers know they can trust you to deliver exceptional beauty services.

Once you start following the right approach, there will undoubtedly be great customer retention