Salonist Guide: Quick Salon Marketing Tricks

POSTED BY Julia Ching

Salonist Guide

Are you running out of ideas to market your salon business? To make the most of your salon business, marketing matters the most. The way you handle your clients, your staff, your inventory, and your overall sales should be as genuine as possible. Therefore, many salon owners use salon software to manage their salon operations, and many work manually. Well, if you are one of those, who are using software like Salonist, then we’ve carefully crafted the best salon marketing tricks that you can never afford to ignore.

Salon Marketing Tricks

#1. Always Send Appointment Confirmation:

Sending a “confirmation appointment reminder” after accepting booking online can help you avoid many missed appointments.

#2. Craft & Send ThankYou Emails:

Set up the Salonist software in such a way that it sends out “thank you emails” to your valuable customers just after they get your salon services.

#3. Reminders:

Do you have some of your customers lined up to have their next hair care treatment after 2 weeks? Send them a reminder email regarding their appointment! So, if they are somewhere away and have forgotten about their appointment, after getting a reminder email, they prepare themselves for the services to be provided.

#4. Send Out Event-Based Emails:

Sending out emails on someone’s birthday or an anniversary using Salonist can add spark to your marketing efforts. So, craft a beautiful event-based email and send it out to your clients to wish them on their special occasion. And force them to add charm to their beauty by using your salon services on their special day.

#5. Automated Text Messaging:

Sending out regular automated text messages using Salonist can enhance the way you promote your services. So, it will help your customers know what’s trending in your salon and what packages you are offering at what prices. It will quickly market your salon services as well as attract more customers.

#6. Referral Reward Points:

Giving referral reward points to customers for referring your salon services can add wings to your marketing efforts. Give clients bonus points that can be further turned into cash and help them come back to get more of your salon services.

#7. Implement Survey Methodology:

Using the Salonist software, you can know what your potential customers think about your salon marketing tricks. Send out all your visited customers a “survey request” to get their feedback. Additionally, it will help you know where you need to make improvements and what new techniques you should follow to make them happy & satisfied.

#8. Serve Your Clients with the Best:

Make everything you do keep clients in mind, as little things can help you stand out from the crowd. Offer them refreshments, phone charging facilities, and visual distractions for entertainment when they come to you to use your salon services. Make your clients always feel happy and satisfied with less waiting time & a comfortable atmosphere to sit and relax.


Finally, you have now followed the best salon marketing tricks towards the successful journey of your salon business. Put more powerful tricks into action if you want success quickly. Maintain healthy relationships with your clients, build trust, target their needs, and focus on what they like the most.

Want more quick salon marketing automation tips? Just having an appealing salon website or Facebook page is no longer enough to run a successful salon business. As a salon owner, you should know that a successful salon business is all about strong marketing and promotion of the business. Make the most of your newfound salon marketing knowledge or use Salonist, salon management software, to increase revenue and generate sales. Waiting for some miracle to happen was just a matter of time to boost business productivity. Now, with the advancement of technology, people leave behind technological inventions to make their lives easier. Whether it is making an appointment online or interacting with some salon professionals to discuss queries, all have turned “online.”.